Is God's unconditional love without limit?

By December 26, 2014 2 Comments

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Recently in RCIA, the subject of unconditional love of God came up. I asked if it was the Catholic position that God loves us unconditionally in certain earthly matters (material blessings upon wicked and righteous alike), but not in salvation. Most of the class tried to correct me. What is the Catholic position?


God does love us unconditionally in that he loves us even in our sins. But he cannot love our sins. He cannot love evil. He will always forgive us if we repent. To love him back, we must be free to choose to love him or not. Love cannot be programmed or forced. To love him is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves. But we can choose to not love him. Our choice to not love him does not diminish his unconditional love. But it certainly diminishes ours!


  • Maria spano says:

    Yes he loves ,uncodicional, but He want our love back ,he gave us the best ,Jesus to give Salvation, what greater love ,he gave free will ,He doesn’t force any one to love him I am Blessed to know Him ,!I decided to Follow Him no turning Back !! I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL ,

  • holy dad says:

    God is present , loving us where and when people forgive each other helping other understanding each other, Amen

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