Is it a sin for Catholic to be a liberal, or is it a sin to be a conservative?

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Is it a sin for a Catholic to be a liberal? Or is it a sin to be a conservative?


The question is impossible to answer because the labels liberal and conservative are too vague. The focus should be on determining whether particular propositions that individuals either hold to or reject are true or false. For example:

  • Abortion is morally neutral because a person has the freedom to choose. (False)
  • Euthanasia is a moral evil because it is a form of murder. (True)
  • Same-sex marriage is a moral good because it allows people to enter into marriage with those they love, regardless of their gender. (False)

Care must be taken not to reduce complex human beings to the sum of the labels they bear or to unjustly condemn them on the basis of labels they either accept or are given.


  • since I follow jesus teachings,and his teachings are about love and help each other.then I am a liberal.jesus was considered a liberal by the essenes at the time and the phareesis.john the Baptist was considered a conservative.i follow the new testament.thanks you jesus.amen.

    • Eric H. says:

      Applying the meaning of the terms “liberal” and “conservative” used in the US today, neither could be said to be true of Jesus, and to do so would be to minimize the importance and power of his ministry. Since those terms are often implied to mean association with one of the major political parties (Democrat or Republican), you must recognize that neither party platform accurately reflects the position of the Roman Catholic Church. Democrats diverge greatly on social issues (Abortion and “Gay”-marriage specifically). Republicans in contrast err on a great deal of socio-economic truths; creating a system of business and government that is opposed to helping those in need and giving justly to a worker his daily due. That we have a two party system that neither reflect the truth held for two millennia by the catholic church makes participation in the political system that much more difficult, and prudent. Authentic Catholics are needed in public life, not individuals who espouse heresy like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and the like. They do much damage to the faithful by claiming the title of Catholic and living out a very public life in direct opposition to church teaching. God bless.

      • thanks,mr.eric h.for your side of view on jesus,but what you omit, is simple,there is a separation of church and state,i am being guided on my actions from the teachings of jesus,and you are being guided by what you feel politically,should be.2,000 years ago,there were no parties,but let’s say,jesus were around today,do you think he would back the republicans,or the democrats?he was here to help the sick,the poor,the needy.so how in heaven,are the republicans jesus minded,while cutting social programs,paying less to workers,how do they resemble jesus in their actions.jesus is love,not go to war and kill people,but is that what jesus wants?i disagree with you.or maybe we should have the inquisition back on in power,run by the church.or burn people at the stake if we don’t like them.bless you.amen.

        • Eric H. says:

          Edgar, you did not read my post correctly. I said “Applying the meaning of the terms “liberal” and “conservative” used in the US today, neither could be said to be true of Jesus” Jesus would be neither Republican or Democrat, since neither party aligns itself with the eternal truth of God. I for one vote for the candidate that most closely holds to the teachings of the Church. In todays world, those candidates are few and far between. But make no mistake, the authentic truth, given to us by Christ, preserved by the Catholic Church and guided by the direction of the Holy Spirit, cannot change, despite the political climate of the era we live in.
          Also, as a catholic, there can be no “separation of church and state”. In fact the very idea of separation of church and state is a new concept (and certainly alien to the founding fathers of the US). The founding father’s penned the1st amendment to guarantee that the state would not interfere with the lawful practice of ones faith, so long as that practice did not infringe on the rights of others. But it was always known, accepted and expected that men of faith would fill the halls of power in the US, meaning that their faith would guide their decisions.
          As far as the inquisition goes, spend some time studying the actual history of the Inquisition. It was a response by the church to save lives, not end lives. The Spanish monarchy was using the term “heretic” to condemn and murder political opponents, all under the guise of righteousness. The Inquisition was started by the church to allow them to have an official say in whether the condemned individual was in fact a heretic (and found in nearly every case that the person wasn’t), removing the power of the monarch to murder these people under false pretenses.
          For more, here is a helpful video. The truth of the Crusades and the Inquisition have been warped over the years since, painted mostly by protestant reformers to paint the church is a negative light:

          • mr.eric,i maybe misreading you,and I have a question for you,if our lord jesus were among us today,would he agree with the republicans or the democrats?he once said,give to Caesar what is Caesar’s,so,would he pay attention?or just stick with divine guidance?and by the way,the founding fathers were mostly,mason.who believed in the freedom of choosing a religion or not.and of no importance,i went to the seminary when I was a kid,my mother wanted me to become a priest,but I dropped out,i wanted to marry and have kids.which I did.been blessd in so many ways by god,and I am thankful.the crusades,well,only catholics fought trying to regain Jerusalem from the muslims,they tried,but at least there was a treaty,where the Christians could travel to the holy land,and no jews ever fought trying to regain their land.i studied jesus for so many years,and I,as a catholic,view jesus as a loving,caring for the sick and needy.this is why I am a democrat.trying to help the needy.the republicans work for the rich,not the working class,and I doubt jesus would like it.thanks.

  • Eric H. says:

    Edgar, Jesus would like reprimand both parties. Republicans beat the drums of war, and pad the pockets of the wealthy while the Democrats throw all of their support behind abortion and sodomy. Jesus could never support either position.
    Do not be fooled into thinking Jesus would passively accept such great moral evils. Democrats placate the masses with their pandering to the masses, leading many to see them as this great paragon of virtue, all the while diverting attention from the true evils being committed right beneath our nose. Republicans do no different by claiming to stand on the side of the faithful, but turning their backs as soon as they are in office. Do not be fooled by either, or into believing Jesus would side with one over the other. He is likely disgusted with the whole mess and waiting for authentic Catholics to stand up and say “enough already!”. From a strictly political perspective, our country is anything but Christian anymore.

  • Glenn N says:

    Eric, very well said in all of your replies.

  • Mike Loria says:

    I agree that Jesus would never ever follow anyone for He is God. Jesus was a radical compared to the politics of His time and He never followed anyone. He would be a radical by today’s standard if this was the first coming. By the way, I do not believe He is going to be too interested in politics during the second coming. The Jewish people expected the messiah to be a lion but Christ chose to come into the world as a lamb. The comments I see here makes it sound like we are expecting a lamb to return. Jesus clearly states that we will get the lion. He will bring judgement and end all evil in the world. Only His grace, peace, and love will remain. The world will no longer be the same nor will we.

    • I am not in a position to pass a judgement whether being liberal or conservative is a sin.that’s god’s job.but if I am to follow Jesus’ teachings of care for one another and love one another,then how can I be a conservative.by today’s standard,money and power are very powerful friends with the republicans,conservatives tea party members,god has given us channels to earn our daily lives and to share.i’d rather follow Jesus’ teachings of being of help to others the best I can.the wealthy did not need jesus help,it was the needy.you can not choose two gods.

  • Michael W says:

    Liberals who approves of abortion, euthanasia, or homosexual behavior have ‘excommunicated’ themselves from the Church. Catholics who label themselves as Liberals should just convert to Protestantism to avoid further scandal.

  • Maria spano says:

    I AM GOD ,OR NOTHING ,I never vote to any party ! That goes against GOD LAW ,THE 10 COMMANDMENTS ,!PERIOD ,we live in times that GOOD IS EVIL ,EVIL is Good ,and sin is glamorized ,Free to follow GOD or the world ,it’s up to us .CATHOLIC ?????? GOD BLESS .

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