Is it okay to ask God for a sign?

Blessed Daniel Brottier encouraged others to ask God for a sign to better discern his will.

Often when we are trying to discern God’s will, we plead, “God, can you give me a sign?”

But is it okay to do that? Will God answer our prayers with a sign?

Blessed Daniel Brottier, a French priest who was also a WWI chaplain, firmly believed that God responds to our prayers when they are made with sincerity and faith. He would often ask for signs, either from God himself or from his patroness in heaven, St. Thérèse of Lisieux. He was never disappointed, even when the sign showed him a different path than what he was expecting.

However, going a bit deeper into what this holy man understood by “signs” explains his point of view regarding the workings of divine providence.

Never rush providence. At times we do not understand what is going on, until one day we see that providence was working for the best. When some business becomes muddled, gain time and let providence take its due course. When you are hesitating on a line of action to follow, ask a sign of providence; a sincere request will always receive an answer.

Sometimes the “sign” God gives us will be tangible. For example, Brottier was building a chapel in honor of St. Thérèse and he received an anonymous donation of a large amount. He believed this was a sign and it encouraged him in his task.

At other times, the “sign” may be more discreet and come in the form of peace within one’s heart.

Whatever may or may not happen, God will respond to our sincere prayers and answer them. We simply have to be open to whatever God has in store for us.

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