Is it okay to hang rosary beads from your rear-view mirror?

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Is it okay to hang rosary beads from your rearview mirror?


If it is done as a statement of faith or for some other just purpose, hanging rosary beads on the rearview mirror would not violate canon law’s requirement that sacramentals be treated with due reverence:

Sacred objects, set aside for divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated with reverence. They are not to be made over to secular or inappropriate use, even though they may belong to private persons (CIC 1171).

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  1. “Is it okay to hang rosary beads from your rear-view mirror”? I’m all for showing your faith and having things around you that raises your mind to heavenly things but……I’m pretty sure it is an offence to hang anything off you rear view mirror in Australia…

  2. I feel safe and protected when on the road with the rosary in my vehicle. My gears gave me problems, I receiveda heavy quote for repairs to be done but after praying to our Heavenly Father the problem disappeated. Thanks be to God our Protector. Amen

  3. I hang mine from my mirror and often touch it and pray to god while I am driving. It bring me comfort and a feeling of safety and security while I am in my car.

  4. Here in Virginia (USA), we are not supposed to have anything hanging from our rear-view mirrors. I have my Rosary in my purse, or within reach, while driving, in case I wish to say the Rosary while driving. It makes it a bit hard to say the Rosary if it is hanging up, any where.

    • The law is the same in NY you arent suppose to hang anything from your mirror. However I have never had a officer, trooper or sherriff stop me for having mine held.

  5. How come in the US hanging a Rosary from your rear view mirror is not allowed or offensive but in dollar bill you have “In God we trust” written in it. I cannot understand why Americans avoid offending others in this respect.

    • In the US we are not supposed to hang anything from the rear view mirror; whether it be a Rosary, necklace, or air freshener. It is a safety issue. Some people hang so many things from the rear view mirror, it obstructs their view when looking forward. It is not a law specifically against Catholicism, Rosaries, or other articles of faith.

    • It is not allowed to have anything hanging from your rear view window that can obstruct seeing through the windshield, in the USA.

  6. I keep my rosary in my room .. but I love
    To see it in my van in California they don’t mind it here. . 🙂 love say my prayers. . Much are so need today. .

  7. Louie- The law is anti-rosary- it’s a safety issue. The US was founded as a Christian country. That’s not offensive; it’s the truth.

    • The US Constitution first amendment’s free exercise clause forbids government interference with an individual’s sincerely held religious beliefs; however, a law that is facially neutral and has general applicability is deemed not to be govt interference in violation of the free exercise clause. thus, a safety related law to not hang items from your mirror so as not to block sight; while it might incidentallyprevent the hanging of a rosary is facially neutral and is generally applicable regardless of one’s religious beliefs so that it would not be government interference in violation of the free exercise clause

      • Jim– well put. There was a case in NY a little while ago of a Muslim woman who went to the Playland amusement park and was not allowed on a roller coaster with her head scarf on. I believe the final court decision was that it was NOT religious discrimination for precisely the reasons you state: The idea wasn’t to deny her right to freely practice Islam (she was allowed to wear the scarf in the park, just not on the ride), but to provide for the safety of the woman and her fellow passengers.

  8. Even if it against any law of the Church I will still have the Holy Rosary hung on the rear-view mirror of my car. While working thieves broke into my car, stole all they could and set the car on fire. The fire department got there in time to put the fire off. Everything in the car was charred except the driver’s seat and the Holy Rosary remained intact. Strangely enough I was able to drive the car home as if nothing happened. With such an experience, how on earth can I not have faith in the Holy Rosary?

  9. I live in Michigan. Before my son took his drivers test, I offered to take my rosary down. The instructor explained that since it was hanging behind the mirror, it was not obstructing the drivers view, and was not a problem.

  10. the rosary beads hanging within my sight while driving does not distract me at all. on the contrary it makes me feel the warm loving presence of Mama Mary beside me.

  11. I live in Toronto and I have a rosary bracelet hanging from the rear view mirror it was a gift from my grandmother. To me it symbolizes that our Mother is always with us and reminds me of my grandmother who is also named Maria. I also have two guardian angels that were also gifted to me that I have clipped to my overhead. Since returning to the church as a young gentlemen I have the Divine Mercy and this year’s palm cross beside my guardian angels. I also pray the rosary as I drive with a separate rosary that I keep in my front suit pocket in front of my heart.
    I believe my display of this religious items brings me and my passengers protection from many close incidents driving in the big city. Praying the rosary brings me peace and I’ve become a safer and courteous driver.
    If you have a rosary hanging from your mirror then let Love burn in your hearts, not road rage. Show others what a merciful and loving faith we practice.

  12. It makes me feel safe and it does when my rosary are hanged in my rearview mirror that way i drive safe and also pray and thats how u speak with GOD by praying and praying So ppl keep your rosarys in the car and pray cause JESUS is what we need in this poor sin life

  13. Sometimes when I make a turn, the crucifix swings onto my hands…LOL! No better reminder to turn towards Christ everyday!
    When I can I will hold the crucifix and talk to Christ. Then usually say the Rosary or other prayers while I drive. I drive 50 miles a day to work for the past 24 years…that’s a lot of talking/confession/prayers! 🙂

  14. Chinwe Victoria Dogonyaro.
    Happy New year to you all!
    My husband wears a plastic Blessed Holy Rosary around his neck as a sign of his faith, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and for prayers. Recently, a known diabolic individual accosted him and demanded to know why the Lady in Blue appears whenever and wherever anyone tried to harm him!
    That day when we went back home, we lit candles to Jesus and Mary on our Sacred Hearts alter, thanked Jesus Christ for the gift of his Mother, who does whatever it takes to protect us i.e. appearing in our place when our spirits are summoned to be harmed.
    Glory be to the Father, to the Son and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen!

  15. I always have a blessed rosary in my pocket/bag wherever I go. I always put it under my pillow every time I sleep. I never experienced any nightmares. I always feel safe with my rosary. My blessed rosary came from the Vatican. 🙂 +

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