Is it possible for objects to be cursed or attached to evil spirits? If so, what can I do to combat this?

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I feel a strong sense of evil from certain objects in our home, to the point that I cannot look at them without making a concentrated effort to do so. Is it possible for objects to be cursed or attached to evil spirits? If so, what can I do to combat this?


Yes, objects can be cursed, just as objects can be blessed. I suggest that you dispose of the objects that bother you. In his book, Interview with an Exorcist, Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea writes that such objects should be burnt (110).


  • Saxon says:

    I am a Catholic but if it ever comes to islamic extremists to step on our backyard, ‘I will pick up Arms Against them just The Way of The Crusader!!” May God be on our Side and Forgive!!

  • Judie says:

    Good day. I have a very strong spirit but the feeling of fear of the night overwhelms me that I cannot sleep alone or stay at home alone at night. This really disturbs me because I don’t ever get good sleep when I’m alone at home. What should I do

    • Matej says:

      do you take Body of Christ at the mass regularly? get a holy water, use it often to cross yourself before going to sleep.

    • Nk says:

      You can also ask your parish for the contact of an exorcist priest and have a chat, fear is not of God. Say a prayer when overcome by fear such as Saint Michael the Archangel prayer and take authority over the spirit of fear, cast it at the foot of the cross of Jesus or the Blessed sacrament of the nearest parish to you and ask Jesus to dispose of that fear personally and ask that spirit of fear to never return, with faith in God for answered prayers start thanking and praising Jesus. Good Luck.

    • julie wise says:

      If you Are Catholic or know of one bless each room w Holy Water. It acks like acid on the spirit & they flee.
      Next step would be to have the hose blessed by a priest.

    • Yousef says:

      Psalm 91 will protect you in all you ways, believe and tell those feelings to f* off! Trust and you will be fine. 🙂 the lord watches over us all and the bad one tries to instill fear but have none for he cannot harm you!.

    • Lisa says:

      When I have a lot of anxiety I pray my rosary. I have holy water at my doors and in my room the windo I sleep by. I have a little bit of holy oil and salt. I live in country no for the first time in forever I am alone. And no longer afraid of the boogie man. And that is the honest truth. Have faith

  • pray the St. Michael Exorcism prayer…or Leonine Prayers…
    pour holy water over the object, while saying our father..burn the object…if cant be burn attach a blesses st. benedict exorcism crucifix or st benedict medal over it

  • W. Gresham says:

    I would suggest getting yourself a St. Benedict medal (also often referred to as the “Devil Chasing Medal”, crucifix or other Benedictine Sacramental and having it blessed by a clergyman of the Benedictine order. These Benedictine Sacramental objects are very commonly used by Excorsists and are considered very powerful wards against evil.

  • Alice says:

    Pray to your Guardian Angel. Ask him to help you. I did that and had a dream that he was standing in front of my home, wings and arms spread wide protecting me and our home. No longer afraid to be alone.

  • While I was in in college a class required a reading of “The Satanic Bible” by Anton Levey had the book in my apartment the following semester and experienced a few weeks of restless sleep I awoke one night and knew the book had to go immediately disposed of it a fell into a restful sleep the devil and the power to take people and objects are real.

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