Is it sinful for spouses to send sexually explicit messages to each other via smartphone and email?

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Is it sinful for spouses to send sexually explicit messages to each other via smartphone and email? My wife did send a sexually explicit picture to me but we have deleted all traces of it.


As to the particular issue, I’m afraid it is naïve to believe that “all traces” of such material can be deleted from electronic devices. Once created and sent, such data lasts forever. As a rule of thumb, you should never send through email or text anything you would be uncomfortable to find plastered on a freeway billboard. Even before the technological advances of the cyber age, it was difficult to destroy all traces of such material once created.

As to whether or not this is moral, the morality of the matter depends on the content. If it was of a third party, then it constitutes the use of pornography. Even if it was of one of the spouses, the context of your question suggests that impure activity may have accompanied the exchange. Either way, this is something that should be confessed.




  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    What would men who believe that fully innocent aborted, miscarried or stillborn souls are sent to Hell by their evil god for failing to be baptised, know about morality? What would men whose organization has been responsible for untold misery throughout the centuries know about morality? What would men who belong to an organization that systematically covered up the rape of children know about morality? What would men who worship a god who sends mere humans who live but a handful of decades to eternal torture for failing to believe, say and do the right things as determined by those unnatural, disordered, celibate virgins, know about morality? Nothing. Nothing at all.
    Come on people. Most of the morality we have achieved has come after overcoming the Church. Slavery, racism and sexism are no longer moral. Discrimination against the disabled is no longer moral. Genocide is no longer moral. Torture is no longer moral. All of these were condoned by the Church and had to be overcome by decent people.
    The simple answer is that if nobody is getting hurt, it’s probably not immoral. If you aren’t ashamed of your body and can deal with the risk of your picture getting out, then do whatever you want, particularly if it strengthens the relationship with your partner. I pity the wife of the guy who asked the question… she’s in for an unhappy marriage I suspect.

    1. Bob Reply

      Where does morality come from Patrick, some committee?

  2. Bob Reply

    So where does morality come from Patrick?

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