Is Jesus present for 15 minutes after we receive him in the Eucharist?

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I have heard that Jesus is present in a very special way for 15 minutes after you receive his precious body and blood. Is this true? My RCIA director does not believe this.


It usually takes about ten minutes for the host and the precious blood to be diluted and assimilated in the stomach. During these minutes the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ reside sacramentally within the person’s body in the most intimate of communions.


  • Helen Iginoef says:

    Jesus is with us all the time, he is the backbone of our daily presence DAILY PRESENCE. OUR PROTECTOR,OUR GUIDANCE, OUR SAVIUOR…

  • PhillipC says:

    Do you really think that it’s a matter of time? Once the consecration takes place and you eat and drink of His flesh and blood He is present in you! It’s not a matter of digestion amd time.

  • Arnie Rutkowski says:

    I believe Jesus stays with you until you leave the state of Sanctifying Grace by committing a mortal sin.

  • The answer given doesn’t really address how long Christ stays with us; Rather, it addresses how long Christ is manifestly present in the consecrated elements. The answer has to do with the Substance/Essence of the consecrated elements. When the elements have been broken down by the body, to the extent that they no longer have the accidents of bread and wine, then the manifest presence of Christ in the elements.
    As regarding our spiritual benefit from the Eucharist, that is another question entirely. It seems that the two questions are being conflated.
    Basically, what is being said by Thomas Aquinas in the Summa regarding this question, is that you can’t trace Christ’s presence in the consecrated host all the way through the digestive tract. The presence of Christ is appropriated by the body as spiritual nourishment in the same way that physical nourishment is derived from our earthly food. You don’t excrete “steak” as waste. Your body has broken down the steak and only disposed of that which it couldn’t use. The same happens in the Eucharist. What your body disposes of is no longer the body of Christ, because after 10-15 minutes, the body has broken down the physical properties of the consecrated elements, and the spiritual nourishment has been appropriated by our Spirit.

    • Cecilia J. says:

      Arnie R is right Once we receive Jesus in the Holy Communion He remains always w/ us we have the Sanctifying Grace w/c is God’s life in us until we commit a mortal sin.

  • theresa franko says:

    He stays with you always. But we are not perfect so when we do a venial or a mortal sin He leaves you for a while until you go to confession, He is knocking at your heart’s door to let Him in and if you have a grave sin or you ignore His quiet knocking to do good and love each other and don’t forgive a tiny argrument, what can I say but pray hope and hope for the best.

  • Fred Hoeck says:

    When I was in Grade School many years ago, Sister said 15 Minutes.

  • Cathy says:

    St Faustina says Jesus remains with you from one Communion to the next,which is good for those who are Sunday Mass only.

  • Jesus is with us all the time. It does not matter, what kind of sin you commit, he never leaves. Jesus hates the sin, but loves the dinner. We ask for forgiveness and repent. Jesus is love, and he loves us. Time does not matter.

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