Is Lent exactly Forty (40) days?


Question: I have severally heard people arguing the fact that the lent season is not up to 40 days and few other argue that it is more than 40 days. Please am confused how many days does the lent season cover?
As it’s generally known that the 40 days commemoration of the lent season is derived from the forty days of fasting and prayer that Jesus Christ passed through in the scriptures. Ordinarily if you count from the the number days from the Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, you will realize a total of 46days.
But due to the fact that every sunday is a day of celebrating and commemorating the resurrection of Christ Jesus, it was exempted from the days of the lent penance and observances. So sundays are not included in the days of the lent.
There are six (6) sundays from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, therefore leaving us with exactly forty (40) days for the lent.


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