Is the power of your prayers lost or diminished if your mind wanders while praying?

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Is the power of your prayers lost or diminished if your mind wanders while praying?


The more fully we give attention to prayer, the more we are praying. But it is good to remember that praying lies in the will. The will to pray is a prayer in itself. Certainly it is wrong to deliberately encourage distractions while at prayer. But unwanted distractions do not take away the value of prayer. Mother Teresa’s sisters pray the rosary as they walk down busy city streets. They are certainly distracted by the need to navigate, but a part of them is still in prayer.


  1. Tammy lang Reply

    I struggle with this unwanted mind wandaring all the time. I do try so hard so it doesn’t happen but still does.

    1. Gilberte Duvert Reply

      Me too it’s happen all the time when I’m praying, my mind went to different direction please help?

  2. joseph Reply

    Is a great challenge to me.I deire to pray but creating a quiet time is difficult because of weakness

  3. moses Ngulube Reply

    I do pray the roary & I want to submitte my prayer intentions,

  4. Georges Kawkabany Reply


  5. noyp Reply

    I pray the rosary everyday after i took some nap so that i would never feel sleepy during prayer…

    1. Pizzahere Reply

      Great advice!

  6. Sara Lynn Reply

    My mind wanders sometimes, too. I watch the way even average Muslims pray so diligently, and it makes me want to strive harder to be that disciplined. May God give me strength.

  7. Wina Reply

    Before I start praying the rosary I ask Holy Spirit to guide my mind and heart so my mind don’t wander during my prayer and it really works.

  8. Helen Hvasta Reply

    It is difficult with so many distractions,….either in church or in the home.. A wise priest told me…when distractions enter the mind…
    one should say….Go away. You don’t belong there. I belong to Jesus and Mary….and then picture Jesus and Mary in your mind.
    Eventually, the more often this is said and done….the faster the distractions go away….I’ve done this for at least 2 decades…and
    it does work..

  9. Peter Reply

    My mind do wander as I pray n ad I read the bible sometyms it wonders too much like am in the middle of prayers n in btn am thinking other things n find my self asking wat am doing only to realise that am praying so I wander how to avoid such destruction while praying

  10. Butch Reply

    To minimize the distractions is to focus your mind of the mystery, whatever it may be. Let us say you are praying the joyful mysteries. Example the annunciation: let your thoughts focus on how the angel appeared to the Blessed Mother Mary, like putting yourself in the scene of the annunciation. That way you can stay focus and your thoughts not wonder around.

  11. Juniper Bolabon Reply

    I have this problem too. Whenever I pray, my mind began to wander and begin to think of nonsense things. I’m trying my best to prevent it but I can’t help to stop it.

  12. Clem Reply

    Once I asked my mother about the getting distracted while I prayed, she said I needed to offer this shortcoming up to God.

    1. Butch Reply

      The power of prayer doesn’t diminish even when you are distracted since the intention has been done already before you have started praying. However, once you realize that you have been distracted, just refocus yourself. Imagine two friends are having conversation and one of them is not really into it.

  13. Ray montanez Reply

    Wow. I always wondered about that. Thank tou xfor clearing up that thought that was there. Amen.

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