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ISIS prepares for attack on Mosul by issuing fatwa banning cats…and pigeon genitals

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The Islamic State is faces pressure on all sides as Allied and rebel forces strike repeatedly at the fringes of their territory. The city of Mosul is about the be retaken by an American-Iraqi-Kurdish alliance of forces. In preparation for this assault, ISIS has established fixed defenses and banned cats and pigeons. Deserters will be punished, as well as cat lovers and anyone caught looking at pigeon genitals.

A team of ISIS soldiers is now going door-to-door in Mosul to seek out residents that like cats. The fundamentalist terrorist organization has found the time and the resources to issuing and enforcing a fatwa against cats.

The clerical arm of ISIS, the Central Fatwa Committee, has not justified this decision, saying only that is it offensive to Allah.

In addition, pigeon-keeping is also banned because it is apparently possible to see the birds’ genitals while in flight. “This is offensive to Islam,” the fatwa stated.

The punishments for these felonies will be fines, imprisonment and flogging. It is likely that repeat offenders, say the person really loves cats, could face a much more severe penalty.

The Islamic State has issued a number of fatwas, which are official Islamic teachings. Fatwas in the Islamic State have the force of law.

Other edicts issued by the Islamic State include orders to kill those who are mentally handicapped or deformed or otherwise developmentally disabled.

The Allies, led by Iraq, are expected to begin an assault on Mosul anytime within the next few weeks to months for the purpose of liberating the city. Both sides are preparing for the battle. ISIS commanders have fled the city, leaving behind men who will defend Mosul to the death.

By David Drudge


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    The RCC is going to criticize Muslim superstition regarding cats? The same RCC that called cats Satanic due to their alleged relationship to witches during the middle ages? The same cats that normally ate the rats that carried the plague, but were thinned out so much (see Pope Gregory IX), that the Catholic Church may be indirectly responsible for the plague, as a result.
    I will admit that the pigeon genital thing is out there, and seems to be unique to these particular Muslims. There’s just no telling how insane religion can make you…

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