It's time to STOP PLAYING GOD: Scienists say they are ready to create a baby using TWO MEN

Mad scientists are real and they are working hard to play God, suggesting they may now be able to create a baby from two men, and no women.
British scientists say they can now make babies using skin cells from two men. Other scientists are raising the alarm because the technology is outpacing the ethics.
British scientists have been working on a project that would allow two men to create a baby artificially, using sperm and skin cells.
Scientists from Harvard and Brown Universities have urged regulators to begin studying the implications of technology that would allow doctors to create an embryo using a sperm from one man and a skin cell, or another type of cell. No egg would be required.
The process would still use in-vitro fertilization to work. Such practices often require the fertilization of multiple embryos, which are eventually destroyed in favor of just one of the many. But since life begins at conception, multiple lives are destroyed in the process.
The process of creating offspring with males only has already been successfully demonstrated with mice.
There are many reasons why such a program must be stopped. The first and greatest is the fact that it creates life only to destroy it.
But there are also other problems. God did not make it possible for two men to produce an offspring. Even if someone does not believe in God, we did not evolve so two men could reproduce. There may or may not be unintended consequences of such reproduction, but why should we take the risk? And why should we attempt to breed men with other men, when God created men and women as sufficient for this purpose?
At what point do we stop playing God?
At one time, we encouraged our scientists to play God with weapons, and they developed the atomic bomb. Now the world is hostage to these weapons of mass destruction. Shall we do the same with our genetics? What stops a mad scientist from creating superhuman children by customizing all their traits? What of the mental, emotional, and social development of a child that is created as a lab experiment?
There are too many questions to answer perhaps because they are questions without answers. The wisest answer is therefore, no.
We are humans, not gods. We have tremendous intelligence and power. But never, never, never has anything good come of our attempts to play God. From the Tower of Babel to the test of an atomic bomb at the curiously named “Trinity,” we seem only to get ourselves into danger.
By Marshall Connolly

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  1. “It’s time to stop playing God.” NO!!! It’s time for the Catholic Church to face the results of science. By the logic of the Church, God is the biggest killer on the planet, as about half of all fertilized eggs do not make it to implantation, and, thus, never become persons who are independently viable outside of the womb. There is no evidence of a soul, so the most reasonable and conservative opinion on the rights of a growing pre-person inside the womb is that the rights of personhood begin at the point where the fetus can survive without attachment to its mother. You want dogma? I’ll give you dogma based on science and reason: the mother has the right of bodily autonomy.

    • Good Luck on you morality bro, maybe you’re saying this because you are not a Christian, and if you are, then you’re a disgrace to the Church or to God Himself.

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