I've been told by our priest and the liturgy committee that variations in the liturgy are permitted – is that right?

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I belong to a parish that regularly skips various parts of the Mass, depending on the liturgical season. The parish priest and the liturgy committee says that the rubrics allow for these variations. Is that really so?


You are being sold a bill of goods. The Church does not allow such latitude regarding the liturgy. Ask them to show you documentation. They won’t be able to. I suggest that you read Mass Confusion by Jimmy Akin.
Fr. Vincent Serpa O.P.

Raphael Benedict

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  1. These answers are dangerously incomplete. NO – the church does not allow priests to change the Liturgy on a whim. However, YES certain ‘parts’ of mass are omitted during certain liturgical seasons. For example, the Gloria is excluded during Lent. We need more specifics to determine whether your priests is following the books or not.

  2. Since you don’t know what the writer thinks was left out, your answer is incorrect. If the left out the Eucharist prayer, it’s one thing. If they left out the Gloria during Lent.. It’s another.. Since most people have no luck about liturgy, don’t be so fast to assume people know what they are talking about and the Liturgy committee is filled with those BAD Vatican I people who refuse to say mass in a foreign, dead language.. Latin!!!

  3. Some priest are just tardy. Instead of making the mass with incense, and with latin, they simplify. I am not sure about this, but probably tardy priest who does not prepare well for a mass are more easily tempted to commit sin.

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