Just 2 min a day with the Gospels, and your life will change, says Francis

“Be silent, so that you may hear His voice …”

Two minutes a day with the Gospel will change your life, says Pope Francis. Why? “Because you will encounter Jesus. You are encountering the Word.”
This was the pope’s assurance to young people in a 15-minute video message he sent to his young countrymen, gathered in Rosario, Argentina, for the 2nd National Youth Meeting, which concludes today.

As he has encouraged on other occasions, he invited the youth to carry a pocket-sized Gospel with them and take a moment to read as they’re on the bus or sitting at home.

Jesus is always with us. “Jesus made himself our brother, and he invites us to make ourselves incarnate, building together that beautiful ideal of a civilization of love, as his disciples and missionaries in the here-and-now.”

In turn, we must be with Jesus “in prayer, in the Word, and the Sacraments. Dedicate time to him. Be silent so that you may hear his voice.”


Raphael Benedict

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