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Rafael Freitas a 4 year old Brazilian boy who celebrates Mass and wanted to become a Pope someday died of Cancer on Nov.14 after nearly two years of battling with a deadly form of Cancer.
Last year, a video of Rafael pretending to celebrate Mass went viral, and many thousands saw him celebrate Mass every day. He was receiving treatment at a children’s cancer hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
His parents said that he developed a devotion to the Mass from an early age.
According to his father, Randersson Freitas, Rafael invites the other patients to attend his ‘Mass,’ in the cancer treatment facility.  “When he started walking just after he turned one year old, Rafael started imitating the priest every time we went to Mass. When the priest raised up the chalice, he would raise up his little cup,”  Randersson told CNA several months ago.
Rafael had asked the chaplain at the hospital chapel where he attends Mass to give him the plate used at Mass to hold the Host, the priest gave him one and a stole made in his size. “The priest thought Rafael’s request was so beautiful that he gave him a whole set of unused liturgical objects. The day he received them he must have celebrated 300 hundred Masses,” his father had said. “He was still ‘celebrating’ Mass at 11 o’clock that night.
Early in 2014, Rafael was diagnosed with a stage 4 form of childhood cancer that affected his nervous system and bones. Rafael received chemotherapy in March 2014 at the children’s hospital in the city, and he showed some signs of improvement with prayers and love of those around him.
He was buried on November 15 at their home town.
After saying goodbye to their son, Rafael’s parents decided to donate their little boy’s belonging to children’s institutions.

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict

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