Lessons On Social Media From Jesus

Lessons On Social Media From Jesus

‘The greatest man who walked this earth had only 12 followers. Don’t judge your impact by numbers.’

This meme undoubtedly holds a powerful message for teenagers of this generation who are obsessed with social media. Jesus, a man who lived over 2000 years ago, left a lesson for us to emulate today in connection with our friendships and social media life.

This message is vital for people who would pick the number of friends over quality. Many teenagers want to garner a massive following on social media and are often very disappointed, even insecure if that doesn’t happen.

Jesus had 12 followers, which may not sound like a lot to most people. Turning our attention to the quality of their friendship, they didn’t always have his back even though he didn’t abandon them. He showed what it was like to be a real friend, believed in them, gave an example of how a real friend should behave, what we should expect from a friend, and how we should treat them.

Although this meme has a strong message, we still have to look at another aspect of Jesus’ friendship. Let’s not forget that he had also handpicked 72 disciples that he sent out to villages and towns to preach his message. 72 is still a relatively small number compared to our sense of things today. However, the concern was to ensure the message isn’t lost to the pursuit of something vain.

He attracted people, not with empty words or even a flashy feel-good message. He had drawn them with his message of love even after 2000 years; that message is something we still need to hear. A fundamental and vital message that struck at the hearts of those who heard Him 2,000 years ago.

In all honesty, if Jesus had posted His message on Facebook, He’d no doubt have garnered a massive number of likes and loves. But would not have been put off by the angry faces or even laughs.

So when your kids are driving you crazy with their social media, telling you that “you know nothing” about modern communication, give them a friendly reminder that their Heavenly Father sent His Son all those years ago with a method that worked — it landed him millions of followers who continue to pass on His message today.

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