Let Jesus’ resurrection transform your heart

Jesus rose from the dead that he might bring our souls out of slavery and into his freedom.

Sometimes we might forget that Jesus did not rise from the dead for his own sake, but for our sake. His resurrection is supposed to radically change our lives, leading us into a freedom experienced by the children of God.However, often our soul will “stay in the tomb” and not let Jesus give it new life. This might be from sins in our lives we are not willing to let go, or from despair that plunges our soul into darkness.

In the-19th century book Considerations and devout meditations for every day during Lent, the author highlights this point clearly and reminds us that we need to let Jesus’ resurrection permeate our entire life.

Jesus has risen. He has come glorious and impassible from the tomb, he is victorious over death, he has broken the gates of hell, triumphed over Satan, and stripped him of his spoils … My soul, weep no more; Jesus will die no more in his body; take care that you do not make him die in your heart.

Jesus has risen in our souls, entered into the kingdom of our hearts and spirits, driven the devil therefrom, triumphed over our sins, which held us slaves, remained in us by his grace, lived by his spirit, reigned by his love, and rested in peace. My soul, weep no more; Jesus has risen to a better life; he will die no more in his body; but be watchful lest you make him die in your heart.

All the Church has risen with Jesus; all its body has come from his sepulchre; all its members are re-animated by the spirit of penance; all who were spiritually dead have risen with him; he has now only to give them the Paschal Lamb to eat. Why do you weep, Jesus is no longer dead in the sepulchre; he has risen to a new life; he will die no more in his body; but take care that your sins do not make him die in your heart.

As we celebrate the Easter season, let us contemplate this profound truth and examine our lives, checking to see if our soul has “risen” with Jesus and is no longer “dead.”

Jesus’ resurrection is supposed to bring our souls to new life. Let us invite Jesus into the “tomb” of our heart and raise it up.

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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