Love; what it is and what it's not

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Love is transformational, its intense heat is geared towards Change and Union. The force that comes from God BINDS; calls together, causes a “Communio” a “Koinonia” a “Communion” of persons with persons, of persons with God.
This is what Love is: The giving of self, the ‘loss’ of an identity; the entire submission to another, the rediscovery and newness of identity in/with another.
Love is not just possessing but being possessed. That One is possessed by another, and the other by the One; that in possessing they actually aren’t possessive, but most humbly submit themselves to be melted and remoulded regularly into One Body, and One Spirit.
This is what love is: Humility and service, forgetfulness and docility, purity of intention and generosity, faith and trust, and finally childlike trust and something of (not literally) risky “stupidity”; one of trusting entirely and without reserve. This is what love is.
Love is not a mere feeling meant to be played with by the young and inexperienced, the fire burns !
Love is not possession as though one is a commodity.
Love is not lies and deceit, love is not fear of being lied to/cheated.
Love is not distrust and fear of loss.
Love is not impurity and covetous selfishness.
Love is not material things or qualities in a person.
Love is not for a while; a trial run; a momentary stuff meant to be discarded later.
Love is powerful flames, it burns, transforms, and illumines
Love is eternal union, nothing quenches it
Love is purity, no ill can taint it
Love is above the lovers, cannot be controlled at will by each; a law they both submit to !
Indeed what 90% (or just to be fair 70%) of people have is either lust or childish infatuation, if people knew how sacred love is, they’d recognize that Only the Almighty can confer the gift of perfect/selfless Self-giving. Which is a grace that comes ONLY FROM GOD, and is an INDISPENSABLE sign of love; of true love.
Show me where two people love themselves thus, and i will point you where the Seraphim* camp beside them !
Just thinking:)

*The Seraphim (or singular : Seraph) is the highest of the Nine Choirs of Angels. According to tradition, they are the ones who stand closest to God’s throne, they have been described by Pseudo Dionysius as “Fiery” since they BURN WITH THE LOVE OF GOD.
I wish that all men may be set ablaze with true Love of God and neighbor, what a world we’d have !, where all are but a single Flame, directed upwards !
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Written by GabrielMary Ken Alimba

One Comment

  • Noel David says:

    Love is God…. Whoever claims to love will simply continue to love – for love can do nothing other than love, love and love… And love is always forgiving, always understanding, always caring and concerned for the other’s welfare and salvation and never for self…. No matter what the other does i.e. cheat, hurt, fail, betray etc. etc. Love never ceases loving…. Love can never ever be hate – therefore all those who hate, resort to revenge, bloodshed and separaion and all those who are never willing to forgive (any fault/sin commited by the other against us) do not know love nor have love in them….

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