Man who experienced second miracle from Mother Teresa speaks

The man who experienced the second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa has shared his story with the world.

Marcilio Haddad Andrino was the dying man who experienced a miracle attributed to the intercession of soon-to-be-saint Mother Teresa.

“I’m sure it was Mother Teresa who healed me,” he told reporters.

Andrino was sick for two years before it was discovered he had eight brain abscesses. Andrino and his wife asked for the intercession of Mother Teresa. They placed a relic of her on his head and prayed together. At the time, he did not even believe miracles were possible.

On December 9, 2008, Andrino woke up with a headache. His doctors recommended emergency surgery.

He was rushed to an intensive care unit. But when he was wheeled into the operating room, a miracle occurred. Andrino told doctors he felt an overwhelming sense of peace. The headache went away. The doctors decided to wait until the next day for the surgery.

A scan the next day revealed he was cured. His abscesses were receding and the fluid in his brain was going away. Within three days he was totally cured and did not even show scars on his brain from the abscesses.

The sudden cure cannot be explained by any means except a miracle.

It was this second miracle which allowed the Vatican to recognize Mother Teresa as a saint.

Marcilio Andrino and his wife, Fernanda, pray each day for the continued intercession of Mother Teresa. They teach their children about the woman who is to become a saint.

Marcilio believes in miracles now, as do many others who have witnessed this merciful act of God.

Mother Teresa will be canonized on September 4.


By Marshall Connolly




  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    No. These kinds of things happen and are not always explainable with our current medical knowledge.. I want a real miracle. I want to see an amputated limb grow back. If Yahweh is really all-powerful, let Him prove it with a real miracle that we can all see.

    1. JAMES Reply

      You’re too much watching hollywood Deadpool movie.
      A single woman from Albania, dedicated her life in a place far away from her country, served the poorest of the poor that even their own people won’t even lay their hand, and inspiring hundred others for many decades doing the same, has been a strong prove of her sainthood.

      The problem of this world we live now is the “instant gratification”. People start to avoid consequences or demanding what they call ‘God’ to do hocus pocus they call miracle to move their ass from consequences.

      Nick Vujicic born without limbs. He took it with guts and started creating his own life as a bless from God. Now he is a prove of God miracle even though God didn’t even gave him limbs since he was born.

      John 5:41 (WBS) I receive not honor from men.

      1. Tom Rafferty Reply

        Please click on the link I provided above.

      2. Patrick Gannon Reply

        James, you still haven’t explained to me why Yahweh can’t or won’t heal amputees.
        As for Mother Teresa, there are a number of books and articles that paint a very different picture of her. With so many of her actions having been questioned, it seems premature to make her a saint without completely refuting the accusations others have made about her real character.

  2. Annette Atalo Reply

    When you are believer there is nothing impossible for God

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