Mark of the Beast? Nevada Senator moves to STOP forced RFID chip implants

A Nevada state senator has proposed a bill that would protect citizens from being implanted with RFID chips. The bill, proposed by a constituent, could protect people from what some feel is the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation. Senate Bill 109, introduced by Nevada state Senator, Becky Harris (R-Las Vegas) would make it a class C felony for anyone to force another person to undergo microchipping. The chips cost about $100 and can be used to track people, to allow them to make purchases and even to unlock doors. They are secure and cannot be lost or stolen. They can help facilities keep track of dementia patients. They could also be used to monitor health conditions. They are most commonly used to keep track of pets. However, there is concern these chips are the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation. ‽It compelled everyone — small and great alike, rich and poor, slave and citizen — to be branded on the right hand or on the forehead, and made it illegal for anyone to buy or sell anything unless he had been branded with the name of the beast or with the number of its name” (Revelation 13:16-17). About 30,000 to 50,000 people already have these chips implanted, and their popularity is growing. About 10 other states have laws against human microchipping, but there are no laws at the federal level. In states without such laws, people can be microchipped against their will or as a condition of their employment. For centuries, scholars have speculated over the Mark of the Beast, debating if it is a tattoo, a bar code, or some other mark. It has been speculated that your cellphone could already serve the purpose, often carried in the right hand and held to the head, the phone serves as an all-purpose device. Most people feel they cannot go without it. Harris’ bill remains in committee.
By Marshall Connolly


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  1. Guess what … It’s already happening!
    I got checked into the hospital for an out patient procedure and when I checked in the did a special image of my veins in my right hand and wrist because of so many people abusing the system.
    Plus everyone is walking around with fit bits I watches and cell phones anyway … Unless you have something to hide … Unfortunately this is our world but I sure wouldn’t be giving the evil one any credit.
    Guess what … He doesn’t win so don’t worry!

  2. The mark of the beast is spiritual, and identical to the pledge of allegiance to the flag…When the Germans use their right hand to salute Hitler, or to pledge allegiance to the flag, there was no physical mark in the right hand, or on the forehead of the German pledger, because the mark (name) of Hitler, or of the flag (Germany), was spiritual in the heart, or in the mind on the Germans who were using their right hand to salute Hitler, or to salute the flag, or to pledge allegiance to the flag…When the US citizens use their right hand to salute the service men, or to salute the flag, or to pledge allegiance to the flag, there is no physical mark in the right hand, or on the forehead, because the mark (name) of the flag (US), is spiritual in the heart, or in the mind on those who are saluting the service men, the flag, or the pledge of allegiance…Its going to be like when the king of Babylon the great played the national anthem at the sound of music, the Babylonians fell down to the ground and worship the gold image, and those who refused to worship the gold image, were cast into a fiery furnace… When the US plays the national anthem at the sound of music, the US citizens stand on their feet to sing the song “old glory” to the star spangled of heaven…The US citizens dont see anything wrong with, saluting the flag, or pledging allegiance to the flag, or singing a song to the star spangled of heaven, because they were indoctrinated to believe a lie from the devil…God said, “you shall not make or serve any image in the likeness of heaven above, or in the likeness of the earth below” (Ex.20:1-5), (De.4:15-19)…Those who dont believe what God said, are going to worship the beast…The devil uses Romans 13 to deceive those who dont believe what God said… The founding fathers made images of the stars, of the moon, of the sun, of birds, and four footed beasts, in the likeness of heaven above and in the likeness of the earth below…The ministers of God cannot see the images high and lifted up on a flag pole, because the devil has blinded the minds of the ministers who are pledging allegiance to the flag, with the so-called “constitution” of “liberty and justice for all”…The US is serving the star spangled of heaven and the bald eagle of the earth…Canada is serving the leaf of the maple tree of the earth…Mexico is serving the eagle and serpent of the earth…Japan is serving the sun of heaven…Israel is serving the star remphan of heaven Acts 7…When people pledge allegiance to a man, or to a flag, or to a nation, they are idol worshipping…God calls this type of flag service “idolatry, because the images on the flag, are idols…The mark of the beast in the right hand means the name of the beast is going to be in the heart of the worshipper…And the mark of the beast on the forehead means the name of the beast is going to be in the mind of the worshipper…Those who worship the beast are going to be deceive by the signs of the false prophet…Technology is here, and those who worship the beast are going to get a license to buy and sell, that is, to do business in the world…To avoid the mark of the beast, false gods, idols, and doctrines of devils, we must believe what God said in Ex.20:1-5, and De.4:15-19.

    • FREDDY GALLO, interesting. But, I really feel that most people are not worshiping these flags or praying to the statues as some Catholics do. The whole idea of being an American is to be free – this is why the LORD GOD has blessed us every time we take the right path towards supporting FREE WILL – GOD’s first gift to each person.
      CYANIDE – is another ingredient of the RFID Chip – was originally said to be installed for prisoners in halfway houses that go rogue. Also, some chipping has some neuron attachment (via Alex Jones’ interviews with some of our military, who retired as soon as they could so that they could warn us – there is RFID remote control in making a person miserable or to feel pain – if they do not follow orders.). Praise GOD for believers!!!!
      ANYONE who accepts the mark of the beast shall never enter heaven. GOD did not make us slaves. But, He made us with goodness in good will and with free will, and we were made in their image (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) so that we would care for one another in the manner of His pure love as a guideline.
      The Good News is that the LORD GOD will save those who choose to believe in Him and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Anyone who believes, even if the choice to believe is moments before their death from refusing the RFID Chip – GOD WILL SAVE THEM TO HEAVEN. So, let them kill us so that we can enter paradise AND not have to endure anymore evil and pain of this world. The LORD GOD wants to wipe every tear away forever and ever. It is GOD’s heart to fill heaven with His GOOD creation.
      One night, the LORD repeated to me every prayer that I have ever said or thought to Him, word for word, and in order since I was a little girl. I have been healed of brain damage in which doctors say that there was no cure. I have been healed of Hypothyroidism in which doctors say that there is no cure. I have felt the love and power of GOD, the Maker of all things seen and unseen for over 30 years. NO, there is NONE like Him. NO, not any can even compare!
      ALL Glory and ALL Honor and ALL Power belongs to the LORD GOD of Heaven.

  3. WAKE UP and read the book of Revelation. We’re in the 7-year Tribulation whereas the antichrist is warring with the children of GOD and he will kill many. Soon after, Jesus will come down personally and reign over the world for the last thousand years. It is the LORD GOD’s heart to fill Heaven with His good creation. I pray that you will believe soon. For the antichrist is going to cause much havoc for a few years and the innocent (or new believers) will regret not believing sooner, and before Jesus calls His bride up into the clouds (some call The Rapture of the Church). But, when GOD shakes the whole world and every structure falls, not even the mountains will be recognizable. Then shall Jesus come down from the clouds and rule with an iron fist. (How ironic you said that!)

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