Maternity-Leave right for Women must be protected – Pope Francis

Pope Francis advised Businesses to accommodate the dual vocation that women have been created by God to serve, which are their normal work and their motherhood vocation. The Pope pleaded with Businesses round the world to promote harmony between work and family for their employees, especially for women with children or expectant mothers.

Pope Francis said that many times, women who announce their pregnancy are fired from their jobs, when instead they “must be protected and helped in this dual task: the right to work and the right to motherhood.”

The Pope in a meeting with the Christian Union of Italian Business Executives said that “The challenge is to protect their right to a job that is given full recognition while at the same time safeguarding their vocation to motherhood and their presence in the family,”

Pope emphasized on the fact that God have called all men and women alike with all their difference to partake in the development and growth of the world.

“The workplace and the executive offices can become places of sanctification through everyone’s commitment to build fraternal relations among business owners, managers and employees, while encouraging shared responsibility and collaboration in the common interest of all involved,” he said.



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Yeah, how about maternity leave for all the third world mothers who are having unwanted babies, many of whom will starve to death or die of diseases because the parents were denied contraception under penalty of eternal torment? How about some maternity leave for them? How about we allow them to use contraception and leave the unwanted maternity that the children they choose to have can prosper and grow and help themselves and others, rather than contribute to a life of misery, eating up dwindling resources and perpetuating the cycle.

  2. susan Reply

    Africa is not all a dark continent,let me speak for her.I do not have knowledge about other third world countries,but you will be suprised.Whatever picture created in mind would shock you in reality.Many women are shunning contraceptives here mostly for the side effects on their bodies and not even religion.Am on ground and have facts right.Again increasingly many young women like myself have careers and are mothers at the same time.Many have chosen to be healthy by collaborating with their husband’s on natural family planning.It’s a choice and our bodies and health.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Susan I have not been to Africa, but I have been conducting business throughout the continent for over a decade. You didn’t say where you live, but you are clearly fortunate to be in a place that is free of violence, starvation and disease. There are plenty of such areas throughout the continent. Just a day ago, one of my clients in DRC was forced to stay indoors all day due to violence in the streets. The poorest and least able to afford large families end up doing so because they are told they will go to Hell if they use contraception, or they don’t even know about contraception, or what they have been told are lies. I’m happy for you, that you at least have a choice.
      The continent of Africa has grown from 477 million in 1980 to 1.2 billion today. It is now up to over 40 million people per year at an ever increasing rate, and it has some of the poorest countries in the world. When I was born the global population was 2.5 billion, and today it is 7 billion. It took hundreds of thousands of years to grow to 2.5 billion, but only a few decades to nearly triple. That’s not sustainable. The Church complains about abusing the earth’s resources and polluting it, but it throws kerosene on the fire by insisting that we not address our pending population disaster, by getting over it’s obsession with all things sexual.
      The total fertility rate of Africa is 88% higher than the world standard (2.5 children per woman globally, 4.7 children per woman in Africa). There’s no way to get ahead of the curve. With that kind of population growth you can’t build enough schools, develop enough businesses, grow enough food, provide enough health care – it would be very difficult to do so in developed countries, but not even feasible in parts of Africa such as Niger. The Guardian reports:
      “In Niger, where GDP per capita is less than $1 per day, the average number of children a woman is likely to have in her life is more than seven. Accordingly, the country’s current population of 20 million is projected to grow by 800,000 people over the next 12 months. By mid-century, the population may have expanded to 72 million people and will still be growing by 800,000 people – every 18 weeks. By the year 2100, the country could have more than 209 million people and still be expanding rapidly. This projection is based on an assumption that Niger’s fertility will gradually fall to 2.5 children over the course of the century. If fertility does not fall at all – and it has not budged in the last 60 years – the country’s population projection for 2100 veers towards 960 million people.”
      That’s nearly a billion people in just one African country – how will they be educated, fed, employed, and cared for? Answer – mass starvation; thus it seems the Catholic Church would prefer to see millions of people starve to death than use contraception to prevent the problem in the first place. How can that be anything but evil?

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