Maternity-Leave right for Women must be protected – Pope Francis

Pope Francis advised Businesses to accommodate the dual vocation that women have been created by God to serve, which are their normal work and their motherhood vocation. The Pope pleaded with Businesses round the world to promote harmony between work and family for their employees, especially for women with children or expectant mothers.
Pope Francis said that many times, women who announce their pregnancy are fired from their jobs, when instead they “must be protected and helped in this dual task: the right to work and the right to motherhood.”
The Pope in a meeting with the Christian Union of Italian Business Executives said that “The challenge is to protect their right to a job that is given full recognition while at the same time safeguarding their vocation to motherhood and their presence in the family,”
Pope emphasized on the fact that God have called all men and women alike with all their difference to partake in the development and growth of the world.
“The workplace and the executive offices can become places of sanctification through everyone’s commitment to build fraternal relations among business owners, managers and employees, while encouraging shared responsibility and collaboration in the common interest of all involved,” he said.

Raphael Benedict

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  1. Africa is not all a dark continent,let me speak for her.I do not have knowledge about other third world countries,but you will be suprised.Whatever picture created in mind would shock you in reality.Many women are shunning contraceptives here mostly for the side effects on their bodies and not even religion.Am on ground and have facts right.Again increasingly many young women like myself have careers and are mothers at the same time.Many have chosen to be healthy by collaborating with their husband’s on natural family planning.It’s a choice and our bodies and health.

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