May I own a rosary for artistic display?

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I think rosaries are beautiful and would like to own one, although I would not use it to pray. I have been told that it would be “wrong” for me to have a rosary, since I see them only as beautiful art. Can I own a rosary if I intend only to display it as art?
I do not see anything wrong with displaying the rosary or any religious article for display in your home. As long as those symbols are treated with dignity, there’s nothing offensive about this. Many people collect examples of artifacts of religions they do not belong to because they consider them beautiful and this There is nothing wrong with buying a rosary because you consider it a beautiful art form. Many people collect examples of artifacts of religions of which they are not members. So long as the artifact is treated with dignity, reasonable religious people should be flattered rather than offended that you consider their religious emblems lovely enough to wish to display in your home.

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