Jesus’ face shows his love for us in the midst of such intense suffering.


Have you ever meditated on Jesus’ Holy Face? It could be an image of Jesus in his glorious state, or it could be an image of Jesus suffering on the cross.

Jesus’ face can have a profound effect on our spiritual lives as we dwell upon his love for us.


Many artists have provided for us various ways to see Jesus suffering during his Passion and death. These depictions can create within us emotions of compassion and love, drawing us deeper into the Paschal mystery.

We can also use our imaginations to create an image of Jesus’ face in our minds, contemplating what we think his face was like during his Passion.


St. Claude La Colombière encourages us to meditate on his countenance, particularly in Lent, in his book The Sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Let us reflect a little. I am convinced that if we apply ourselves diligently to meditate on the soul of Jesus suffering, if we often cast our eyes upon His countenance, we shall fall in love with His virtue, and that He will Himself gradually infuse it into us.


This Lent, find for yourself a favorite image of Jesus’ Holy Face and meditate on that beautiful face, which suffered out of love for us.



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