MESSAGE FROM ABOVE? Miraculous beam of light illuminates One World Trade Center

By September 10, 2016 3 Comments

Have victims of 9/11 sent us a message from heaven? That will be for you to decide after seeing these remarkable photos taken just before the fifteenth anniversary of the event.
A New York resident has captured a miraculous beam of light shining off One World Trade Center. Ben Sturner said he views the Manhattan skyline each morning from his window, and has never noticed such a sight before. But at 7:11 a.m. on Thursday, he observed the remarkable beam of light where the Twin Towers once stood.
The light may be the result of natural phenomena, but if so, then why has it never, ever been observed before?
Could it be a miracle? A message from above?
Sturner said the sight lasted 10 minutes and he captured several pictures with his iPhone. At first he was reluctant to share the images, because he was worried how people would react, especially near the anniversary of the event.
The miracle has not been seen before or since.
Enjoy the photos below and decide for yourself. Is this merely a trick of nature, or something more powerful?

The phenomenon has never been viewed before or since. The phenomenon has never been viewed before or since.



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