Meth cook and devil worshiper attacks mother then leaves her for dead with demon king's name written on her chest

Chase Wall, a 33-year-old occult-obsessed meth addict, was arrested after beating his mother, stealing her car and leaving her for dead with a demon’s name inscribed on her bloody chest.
Wall’s 66-year-old mother was discovered in a hotel room, unconscious, unresponsive and dripping blood.
A police report explained: “Blood was running down the side of the bed.” Her eyes were both blackened and her nose was broken.
As she was being loaded into an ambulance, first responders noticed black writing.
“Asmoday,” the name of a fictional three-headed demon king, had been scrawled across her chest.
Only four months before the attack, her son had shared a rambling poem about Asmoday on his Tumblr page.
“Not a day has passed without talking to myself or who I’m not come to dismay there are ways that I can start with this refrett of asmoday who in ways respeaks these verses,” Wall wrote on his social media profile.
Asmoday can supposedly make a person invincible. In a translation of the 17th-century occult text “Lesser Key of Solomon,” Asmoday is described as a great king who is strong and full of power. He has three heads, each appearing differently.
One head is that of a ram, the other a bull and the last appears to be the head of a man. The demon king has the tail of a snake and he can breathe fire. His feet are webbed and he sits “upon an Infernal Dragon.”
Wall was obviously lost, deep into the belief that Asmoday could somehow make him invincible. After leaving his own mother for dead, he was pulled over and arrested for unrelated traffic violations.
The police report explains a separate report was drawn for stealing the vehicle he was driving at the time of his arrest.

Chase Wall.Chase Wall

Wall’s mother was taken to a hospital in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she reported “someone” had attacked her and hit her in the face. She did not immediately implicate her son but when police reviewed the hotel footage, Wall was seen leaving the hotel.
The officers who booked Wall for the unrelated charges recognized his face and officers quickly put two and two together.
He was charged with aggravated assault, which was later expanded to attempted murder. He has a history of several dozen other charges ranging everywhere from domestic abuse to meth production.
Upon deeper investigations, authorities discovered his personal online emails have been listed in several incidents including requested prices for powerful drugs and other “research chemicals.”
It would appear Wall also spent hours at his computer, leaving comments through his personal email addresses to claim the government or actors were attempted to read or control people’s minds through “remote neural programming.”
To fight off the voices he believes were sent to his mind through the government’s interference, Wall began writing poetry.
In 2013, the user with his email listing claimed, “All i [sic] want is for them to be silent.”
Three years later, his Asmoday poem appeared online. Only four months after that, the name shows up on his mother’s chest and on the wall of her hotel room.
Whether Wall’s mother will refuse to press charges remains to be seen but his internet trail certainly indicates he requires psychological help – particularly the posts in which he complains of voices invading his mind.
By Kenya Sinclair

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  1. What a piece of shit, needs to be eliminated from society, only hurting people who need help with metal illness. Anybody who wants to worship satanism let them rot in hell and not waste any body’s time.

  2. “Asmoday” sounds eerily similar to Asmodeus, the fallen angel who mated with Lilith the Arch-Demoness Succubus, also known as “Lilitu” the “Earth Mother” & fertility goddess of ancient Babylon, in reality, the “Whore Of Babylon” mentioned in the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible, notably in chapters 17 to 21 !!!

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