Mexican Mayor kills 300 people, who he ordered incinerated in network of ovens

Mexican authorities have arrested a former mayor who may have participated in over 300 drug killings in his village. Sergio Alonzo Rodriguez was mayor in Allende, which is just 33 miles from the Texas border
A homicidal mayor has been arrested in Mexico for participating in the kidnapping and killing of over 300 people in his town. Sergio Alonzo Rodriguez was the mayor of Allende, Coahuila a town located just 33 miles south of the Texas-Mexico border.
The murders took place around 2011 at a time when the Las Zetas cartel was moving about five tons of cocaine through the town and across the border each year. Allegedly, two members of the cartel started a feud against the leadership which then ordered their deaths and the deaths of their entire families. The massacre spread to all of their friends and associates until 300 people were killed. The killings stopped in 2013.
Victims were murdered, then their bodies were disposed of in a variety of ways. About half of the victims’ bodies were incinerated in 55 gallon drums or ovens to hide evidence of the crimes. Some of the victims were women and children.
What is especially shocking is that Rodriguez, who was mayor in 2011, was a participant in these crimes against his own people. The extent of his involvement hasn’t been explained, but it is certain he knew about the murders, and it is possible he could have taken an active role in seeing them carried out.

One of the ovens used to incinerate victims.One of the ovens used to incinerate victims.

Even more upsetting is the fact that Rodriguez would have gotten away with his crimes but for an investigation by Breitbart Texas which revealed that the crimes took place and were covered up with help of the Mexican government.

Former mayor Sergio Alonzo Rodriguez is accused of aiding and possibly participating in as many as 300 murders in his own village.Former mayor Sergio Alonzo Rodriguez is accused of aiding and possibly participating in as many as 300 murders in his own village.

Mexico has been plagued by drug violence with some regions under firm cartel control. The violence has abated somewhat as thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people have been killed off. Most of the violence remains between people who are involved in the drug trade, but innocent people can be caught up in the cycles of kidnappings and revenge killings.
The violence in Mexico has been so terrible that some have compared it to a civil war.
By Marshall Connolly

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