Mexicans celebrate Pope's visit with an art piece

By January 30, 2016 No Comments

Pedro Francisco Rodríguez a Mexican artist has appealed to the public to help in making a larger-than-life sculpture of Pope Francis to celebrate his momentous visit to Mexico in February.
Juarez sculptor Pedro Francisco Rodriguez will create a bronze 16-foot statue of the Pope. He’s asking for donations of several thousands of scraps of bronze, including old keys.
During a press conference, spokesman for the Diocese of Ciudad Juarez, Fr. Hesiquio Trevizo, said that people can donate their scraps at ten stations located in public areas throughout the city, such as malls.
Further donations towards the project will be made by local businesses.
Rodríguez who began working on the statue measuring 16 feet in December said he hopes to have it ready in April. “The design shows the Pope setting a dove free. The finish on the piece is very contemporary,” Rodriguez said.
Fr. Trevizo said that plans for the statue’s location have not been finalized.The city is having meeting to determine where the statue will be located, where all the faithful and pilgrims can see and appreciate it.
The pope is scheduled to be in Ciudad Juarez Feb. 17 and his visit will culminate with a 4 p.m. Mass (local time) at Benito Juarez Stadium right next to the border. His visit which is expected to draw thousands of pilgrims and he will shed more light on issues facing migrants and refugees fleeing the violence in their home countries.