Militant-Protestants group disrupts Masses in several Catholic Parishes around Las Vegas


A new militant-protestant group that has identified themselves by the name “Koosha Las Vegas” has been a major disturbance and obstruction while celebration of Mass is going on around Catholic churches in Las Vegas.
The group is majorly made up of new Christian-converts from Islam. They have sent out their members to go into every Catholic Church to disrupt the Eucharistic celebration of Mass and stop Catholics from what they call “Satanic Worships of the Catholic”. Reports gathered from eyewitnesses said that, the group starts to disorganize the harmony of a church by shouting “Catholics must repent”,  they even get to the point of threatening the parishioners celebrating Mass.
The Las Vegas police said that despite the complaints they have been getting, no member of the group has been arrested because they haven’t physically attacked anyone yet.
The Police also reported that the group has posted so many falsifying contents on the internet and blaspheme against the catholic church.


Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed


  1. Too funny! Catholics don’t repent, we do the torturing, reference the Spanish Inquisition, Joan of Arc, Dark Ages etc., these guys are freaked out by new loving Pope truly exemplifying Christian values. Tragically uninformed about Catholic history and their own internal fears and conflicts.

  2. Let’s remember that the Church teaches that there is salvation outside the Church, for those who have never heard the Word of God. It is entirely possible that there are many of our protestant brothers and sisters who have never heard the Truth about the Faith. They carry on every day seeking to do the Will of God, working only with the knowledge imparted by their preachers and church elders. Pray for them and with them. Create an atmosphere with your protestant friends where they feel comfortable coming to you to discuss theology and philosophy without worry that you will be “judgy.” Pour your hearts out, and Christ will continue to fill them.

  3. The devil always tries to destroy the church founded by Jesus-Christ. However, the police dept. should have arrested them. bet you if they had invaded a particular place of worship the police would pick them up.

  4. So they are coming on Church property and disrupting the Mass and preventing Catholics from their constitutional right of worship and the cops do nothing? Nice.

  5. The church has passed many trials even at old age there was times when popes were persecuted by Roman empires and still the church is standing. We are the rock and foundation and we are led by the Holy Ghost. Be strong my dear Catholics

  6. Mr. Walsh, you are so right the Devil never sleeps. This group is as frightening as ISIS. The tactics seem to be in line with militant, radical, or whatever you call the invaders. It will only be a short matter of time before this group is pegged as muslims in disguise

  7. Well said Mr Walsh. We have to stand strong and rooted. We must not be shaken. Among everything else we have to stay true with our believes and not falter. Even if we have to die for our faith, so be it coz we do it only for Christ. To all our fellow Catholics…God be we us, ? Stay safe and rejoice coz we have Christ by our side?

  8. the devil never sleeps and wil use any means to disrupt the peace and love of Christ. In the last days many will come in my name. Remain strong and tru,e my fellow Catholics

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