More than 200 consecrated Hosts stolen in an art exhibition.

The Christian Lawyers Association has filed a lawsuit against a Spanish artist Abel Azcona who stole at least 200 consecrated Hosts at Mass for violating Spanish law.
Critics of Pamplona’s city council in Spain intentionally attacked Catholics and broke Spanish law showing utmost disrespect to the Body of Jesus Christ by using city property to display a sacrilegious exhibition of art with at least 200 stolen consecrated Hosts to form the word “Pederasty” in Spanish
Abel pretended to receive Holy Communion at Mass and then he placed the Hosts on the ground to form the word “Pederasty” in Spanish. Hosts were put on display until a private citizen removed them from the art exhibit.
. The city council there is governed by a Basque separatist coalition called Bildu.
Polonia Catellanos, spokesperson for the Christian Lawyers Association, told CNA that the association has filed a lawsuit against the author of the display for “an offense against religious sentiments and desecration.” The offenses are illegal under Articles 524 and 525 of the Spanish Penal Code.
“We’ve also given the Pamplona City Council until Thursday to close down the art exhibit. If they don’t do it, we’ll expand the lawsuit to include charges of complicity and necessary cooperation,” Castellanos stated.
Spokesman for the group stressed on the group’s surprise that the city council would collaborate with this desecration.
“I don’t know why a city council, no matter of what political stripe, would allow something which is clearly a crime,” Castellanos said.
“In principle, public authorities such as the city council should be ensuring that crimes like these are not committed, not help commit them. The penal code is for everyone and if they don’t pull the exhibit before Thursday they’re going to have to answer for it,” he added.
Over 75, 000 people as of Monday evening have signed a petition for an immediate and total removal of the exhibition.

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