Mother Teresa to be Canonized Saint come 2016

The Congregation of Causes of Saints of Vatican has concluded their investigations on Mother Teresa of Calcuta and a dossier have been submitted to Pope Francis.

In the report includes a miracle of curing a Brazilian man who had a malignant brain tumor.

To these end, Mother Terasa’s canonization as saint might be next year 2016, following the just concluded investions by the Vatican’s Congregation of Causes of Saints, as the the whole world awaits the final say from Vatican. As reported by an Indian Newspaper.



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I predict that this mistake will come back to haunt the Church. We have an internet now and the real MT is known by a growing number of people who will ridicule the RCC for this decision. The woman’s doctor claims it was a cyst, not a tumor and that standard medical practices cured it. The woman’s husband agreed with the doctor. That the RCC would go forward in the light of this publicly known information seems rather foolish as it will further damage the credibility of this Iron Age religious organization.

  2. Brenda Fattaleh Reply

    God Bless you Mother Teres you should be a Saint you lived your entire life living like one. You Truly are a saint in my eyes and my mothers

  3. joan Maino Reply

    consider myself blessed to have a letter sent to me in response for help.The paper bears her signature and good advice

  4. Phyllis DiRenzo Reply

    Privileged to have met her personally as did my sister and my mother. Her holiness rAdiated from her eyes. I knew then in 1976 that I was in the presence of a saint.

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