Mother Teresa’s simple (really simple!) trick for becoming closer to Jesus

“Good morning, Jesus” — say it the second you open your eyes, and see what happens …


Coffee in hand, I started off the other morning zombie style — scrolling Facebook and ignoring the many things I had to do, including leading my kids in our customary prayer time.


So when a video popped up on the screen titled “Mother Teresa taught me this simple trick to become closer to Jesus,” I called the kids over — delighted to turn some spiritual instruction over to Father Gary Caster, a priest I’ve heard speak now and then, one who never disappoints.


“Before you get out of bed,” he shared the story of guiding his sister on the basics of pursuing a spiritual life after she’d left the faith for 30 years, “Say ‘Good morning, Jesus.’”


Father Caster went on to explain how Mother Teresa taught him this trick 33 years ago, and how it’s helped him orient each day to “speaking heart-to-heart with God.”


The two-minute clip, put out by Franciscan Media in May 2018, has already received more than 40K hits.


I ended up watching it a few times, hanging onto Father Caster’s instruction about choosing “simple, easy tasks” such as this one — habits that make the spiritual life flow naturally.


He notes how the simple exercise before any morning activity meant, “I already had begun my day reminding myself of the truth of the relationship that matters most to me.”


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