Nearly 12.5k Muslim refugees vs only 68 Christians admitted to US

As Syrians flood into the United States, Americans protest the obscene number of Muslim to Christian refugees.
The United States has admitted over 12.5 thousand refugees in fiscal year 2016, most of whom were Muslim.
CNS News reported 98.2 percent of all refugees admitted to the United states were Sunni Muslim, while only 0.5 percent were Christian.
There were a total of 12,587 people admitted into the US. Only 16 were Catholic, eight Orthodox, 5 Protestants, four Jehovah’s Witnesses, one Greek Orthodox, and 34 who self-identified as “Christian.”
The remaining refugees included seven Yazidi, 13 “other” Muslim denominations and three “other” religions.
Ironically, the United States is not known for its love for immigrants.
In fact, in 2014 protesters physically blocked buses of Central American immigrants from driving to a Border Patrol processing facility in California.
At least one person cried, “Nobody wants you! You’re not welcome! Go home!”
Now, with the influx of Muslims, over thirty Republican governors claim Muslim refugees are not welcome in their states.
Their concerns have to do with possible terrorists hiding among the non-radicalized Muslim community.
Meanwhile, the Obama administration plans to admit 110,000 more refugees over the next twelve months.
Concerns over safety are not to be ignored but, as Pope Francis has stated, neither should the US remain deaf to the cries of the needy.
Pope Francis has cried again and again for us to love the migrants and refugees fleeing their war torn country but racial and religious tensions in the United States keep citizens suspicious of one another.
Thus far the US has not seen problems with refugees that Italy and other parts of Europe have encountered thanks to increased background checks and more comprehensive screening efforts.
A recent map released by RollCall revealed most migrants were relocated to California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona, while Alabama, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Delaware and Vermont received none.
Whether those states will remain without migrants in the upcoming year remains to be seen.

By Kenya Sinclair

Raphael Benedict

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