New book will show your children how Our Lady wants to be close to them

Anthony DeStefano’s latest release is a beautiful way to explain Mary’s changing appearance in apparitions.

When my visually perceptive children have questioned why Our Lady looks different in her various apparitions, I’ve always offered the explanation that she had changed her clothes. I’ve told them how she wants to show how God is close to us, and so she tries to look like the people to whom she’s appearing. This reasoning always made sense to them.Given that this explanation is part of our family culture, imagine my delight when I discovered a new book from the master children’s writer, Anthony DeStefano. Just out from Sophia Institute Press, Our Lady’s Wardrobe is a delightful rhyming book with illustrations from Juliana Kolesova that are simply gorgeous. (My favorite is St. Juan Diego opening his tilma to show the flood of roses and the Image left by the Lady of Tepeyac.)


Starting with Mary’s time in Nazareth, Our Lady’s Wardrobe touches on six of her most beloved apparitions. (The only downside of the book is that it doesn’t include more.)

My children loved pinpointing which crown from her closet shelf corresponds to each apparition. And the sandals with roses? What little girl doesn’t want those!

As a mom, I’ve often found that when the kids see in a book a concept that we’ve already discussed, it takes on an even deeper meaning for them. (Mom must not be too crazy if this book says the same thing she does!)

Mary chooses to appear to us to show how close God is to his people. While we’ve talked about that idea many times, seeing it brought to life in this beautiful book made it an even deeper certainty for the kids.

And here’s the proof: As I read the book last night to my 7-year-old, she looked up at me with delight, and said, “Mommy, when I get to Heaven, I’m going to invite Mary over for a sleep-over.” I’m sure Mary will be delighted to accept.

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