Newsanchor’s rosary and crucifix jewelry stirs up atheist community

Italian anchorwomen Marina Nalesso was criticized for wearing a crucifix necklace and rosary prayer beads while reading the news.

According to the Daily Express, Nalesso has worn such accessories several times in the past without incident.

She has worn Jesus and Virgin Mary symbols and released a statement saying she wears such jewelry “for faith and to make a statement.”

On her personal Facebook profile, Nalesso proudly wears both a crucifix necklace and rosary beads around her neck.

She received plenty of support and over 500 “reactions” to the update profile image but some naysayers took to Twitter to condemn her fashion choices.

Radical atheist Silvio Viale, a member of the Democratic Party in Turin, lashed out at Nalesso the hardest.

In a tweet, he wrote: “Even today at TG1 the arrogance of a presenter wearing a rosary around their neck.”

Atheist upset at NalessoAtheist upset at Nalesso’s “arrogance.”

Since when was religious freedom considered “arrogance?”

What is truly arrogant is the belief people should hide their religion to make atheists more comfortable.

Many commented on Viale’s post to support Nalesso, such as Vana Bojaxhiu, who wrote, “Solidarity with #MiranaNalesso we should be free to practise their [sic] religion.”

Not all atheist commenters agreed with Viale and passive-aggressively called her ignorant across Twitter and the station’s site.

On the news station’s site, one commenter wrote: “I am an atheist, but an intelligent one – and the crucifix doesn’t bother me, otherwise I wouldn’t live in Italy.”

Nalesso claimed she was unable to comment on the controversy as “journalists from RAI are not allowed to give interviews without permission of the company” but if her Facebook profile image is any way to gauge her stance, she is proud to be Catholic and will continue to openly display her faith so long as the company allows it.

By Kenya Sinclair



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I always chuckle when I see Christians wearing crosses as jewelry. I’m sure that’s the very first thing Jesus wants to be reminded of upon his return. No bad memories there! LOL. It’s a little like going up to Jackie Onassis (former wife of assassinated president John F. Kennedy, for the youngsters who may not know history) with a little sniper rifle pendant on your lapel. I’m sure Jackie would have appreciated that! Or not. “Hi Jackie; thinking about John…bang, bang.”
    The Jesus fish would probably be better. Particularly if you put the little feet on it.

  2. Bob Reply

    The cross on which our Savior died is a symbol of our salvation and shows our faith in Jesus who died for us.

  3. Therese Deweil Reply

    You are so irreverent
    Yes, Jesus died for our sins and the cross is a symbol of our salvation.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      I assume that comment was directed to me? LOL. Seriously, if you died on a cross would you want to be reminded of how you died? I think the cross is pretty irreverent.
      You speak of “our salvation,” but that salvation is highly selective, going only to those the RCC deems to have followed all the right rules and believed all the right things. Everyone else is not saved, are they? Christians always talk about how Jesus died to save us, but they don’t mean that; they mean he died to save them. Those who don’t believe what they believe, are destined for eternal torment, right? With absolutely no objective evidence to support the existence of Yahweh or Jesus, mere humans who live here but a handful of decades, will spend eternity – trillions and trillions of endless years in torturous agony in hellfire for not believing, saying and doing the right things as dictated by celibate virgins dressed in robes, right?

      There is no sane and decent human being who would ever inflict such disproportionate punishment on another human, not to mention that most civilized countries have Constitutions outlawing cruel and unusual punishment; yet Christians worship a god who does to billions of mere humans something they themselves would never do to another human being. They worship an evil god if he does what the RCC tells us (with their intentional translation errors regarding “eternity” and the four “hell’s”). Why should anyone who worships an evil far worse than anything Hitler or Stalin ever did, be afforded respect for their beliefs?
      What are our options:
      1. Yahweh never says anything about sending people to eternal torment – the good news of eternal torment comes from Jesus, so Jesus is the most evil god ever conceived of, and is not worthy of worship. Fear perhaps, but not worship.
      2. The Church lied and turned Jesus into a monster by insisting that the words Sheol, Gehenna, Hades and Tartarus which they translated to the pagan word “Hell,” is the place we envision from Dante’s “Inferno,” Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and untold paintings of anguished humans burning in flames. None of those words they mis-translated means that. Also “aionion” means “of an age” and not “eternal” (ages always end). So option two is that the Church made Jesus evil and he really wasn’t because he was speaking allegorically (about the Jerusalem town dump), and not about a real Hell as the RCC insists.
      3. There is no Yahweh, there is no Jesus, or if he existed, he was just a man. (I don’t think he existed as a flesh and blood human. Paul is the primary source for this).
      Of those options, number three seems to be the best to me, but what do you think? Is it harder to admit one worships an evil God, or that one belongs to an organization that invented an evil God, or that there is no god to begin with – or if there is, it’s nothing like what we’ve been told?

  4. Liz Reply

    I support you Nalesso…..and let our Lady of the Rosary protect you from naysayers!!

  5. Norman B Reply

    If God offends you then don’t sin. Then you will have nothing to be ashamed of and feel uncomfortable. You may reject God bit your soul knows better.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Would it be OK if a newscaster wore an Islamic pendant? Or a Satanic symbol? Or a Buddha? Just asking…

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