Ohio passes amazing Right to Life bill – Abortions to be BANNED after a baby's heartbeat is detected

Rejoice! Entire generations of unborn children may have a chance at life, thanks to the state of Ohio’s efforts.
On Tuesday, December 6, Ohio made an amazing first step toward banning abortions in their state.
The Ohio Senate passed legislation to ban the murder of unborn children after their heartbeat is detected.
Unborn babies’ hearts can be heard at only 22-days after conception, sometimes earlier.
The excitement is building but the bill still has a few loopholes to maneuver.
Now that the Senate has passed the measure, the full Ohio State Legislature will have an opportunity to sign it into law.
The Ohio General Assembly has been considering several bills before the end of the year, with the Unborn Heartbeat Protection Bill presented as an amendment to House Bill 493 child abuse reporting law.
According to LifeNews, the Senate approved H.B. 493 with Heartbeat protection amendment 21-10.

What day was Jesus born?What day was Jesus born?

At the Ohio House of Representatives, the chamber will have an opportunity to approve the bill, which then goes to pro-life Governor John Kasich.
Once it reaches his desk, Kasich will have ten days to sign the bill into law or veto the legislation.
Paula Westwood, the Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati thanked her organization, all of Ohio’s pro-life coalition and everyone who supported the Unborn Heartbeat Protection bill over the past several years.
Westwood congratulated the Ohio Senate “on this momentous vote” and added: “We look forward to passage of H.B. 493 with Heartbeat protection amendment in the Ohio House, and Governor Kasich’s immediate support.”
Hope continues to blossom in the hearts of pro-life supporters across the country though there still remain exceptions, such as medical emergencies, leaving life-preserving options available to the pregnant mother.
Please pray the bill passes into law, that children can be saved and the rest of the United States will follow suit.
To honor those who have been lost, and to join the ranks of thousands praying for change, please consider joining the “21 Days of Prayer” movement currently washing across the United States.

By Kenya Sinclair

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