Over 1,500 Catholics came-out in mass for Eucharist procession round abortion clinic

On Saturday, about 2,000 Catholics circled the Planned Parenthood Facility in Stapleton seven times in a Eucharistic Procession to show their solidarity in favor of the unborn child.
Archbishop of Denver, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila led the procession round the abortion clinic.
“It was truly a moment of grace, a moment of blessing, a moment of praying to our Lord that hearts may be changed,” Archbishop Aquila said. “It was wonderful to see how many turned out today.”
Karna Swanson, communications director for the archdiocese said the turn-up for the procession was overwhelmingly positive.
“We set up a simple website with a no-nonsense invitation for people to come and pray with the archbishop, and immediately we were hearing from people just thanking the archbishop for doing this,” Swanson said.
Archbishop Aquila had emphasized during his announcement that there was to be no shouting, or arguing, “Only prayerful witness to the love and mercy of God.”
Before the procession began, assistant to the Archbishop, Father Scott Bailey addressed the crowd and stressed on the importance of silence. “Silence is an essential part of the procession as we unite our voices with those who have been silenced by abortion,” he said.
Seminarians from St. John Vianney Theological Seminary worked with local police to keep the traffic free and open. They guided the people in the hymns and prayers each time the procession passed around the building.
“We were honestly expecting 500-800 people,” the communications director said. “Three times that number showed up. This provided a bit of a challenge for us logistically, as 1,800 people don’t exactly fit on the sidewalk of a city block.
“We wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to participate could, but we also didn’t want to give any reason for the police department to shut the event down.”
“There was wonderful teamwork on the ground, between the seminarians, the AMDG Cycling group, the police officers, and the participants,” said Swanson. “It was obvious to all that we were just there to pray. And pray we did, nearly everyone in the crowd was holding a rosary in their hands, and small groups throughout the crowd were praying the rosary together. We definitely stormed heaven with our prayers.”
A crowd of Priests, Nuns, Knights, Seminarians, and a multitude of the Faithful and their Families showed up for the procession.
Speaking on behalf of his family, Jaime Martinez from St. Augustine Parish in Brighton said:
“We came here to speak for the unborn children who are getting aborted every single day here, and to pray for those mothers who are thinking about aborting their children so they can think about walking a different path and choosing a different option.”
“It was very touching to see a lot of people join forces to promote the pro-life movement. Hopefully we can see more of this in future,” he added.

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  1. ” According to Catholic doctrine as I understand it, they go to Hell because they are not baptised”
    No. Absolutely no. Where are you getting your Catholic theology?
    If this is your premise, your argument may be valid, but it is in no way sound.
    N.B. I am not a Catholic.

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