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Patriarch Kirill Declares a 'Holy War' on Terrorism

Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow on Friday at the memorial mass for  to those who fought in World War II explained the global battle against terrorism as a ‘Holy War’ against the evil that has founded its name in our world today as ‘terrorism’.

“Today, when our warriors take part in combat operations in the Middle East, we know that this is not an aggression, occupation or an attempt to impose some ideology on other people, this has nothing to do with supporting certain governments.
This is the fight against the fearsome foe that is currently not only spreading evil through the Middle East but also threatening the whole of mankind. Today, we call this evil terrorism.” Said Patriarch Kirill.

The Patriarch further stressed on the how the terrorists’ opinions are religiously inclined, as they attack and kill the innocent who refuse to yield to their doctrines.

“This is why the war on terrorism today is the holy war today. I pray to God that people all over the world understand this and stop dividing terrorists into good and bad ones as well as connecting the war on terror with their own goals, that are often non-declared yet strongly present on the political agenda,” the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church said.

The Patriarch also asked members of the Orthodox church to pray for the Russian Military soldiers to achieve great victory over terrorism and to administer justice rightfully were necessary under the protection and guidance of the Almighty God. He further prayed that the Military be protected and directed by God in their strives against the evil that have befallen the world physically through terrorism

“We expect the message of peace to be heard. That instead of creating various anti-terrorist coalitions, alienated with deep-rooted contradictions and fraught with unpredictable consequences, there would be only one such alliance,” Metropolitan Hilarion said as he commented on the meeting between the Russian Orthodox Patriarch and Pope Francis in Havana, Cuba.

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