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Persecuted Christians of the Middle East receives gift from Prince Charles of Wales

Prince Charles of Wales has made a generous donation to the church to support persecuted Christians in the Middle East as the situation has reached a deep crisis point.
The donation from the Princes’ Charitable Foundation was made to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), and came after His Royal Highness made a speech about persecuted Christians at an advent reception hosted by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, last month.
Addressing them at the reception,he warned against  the growth of extremism which could threaten “the very existence of Christianity in the land of its birth”.
The Prince also met with the persecuted Christians from Iraqi and Syrian sharing their experiences with them.
Neville Kyrke-Smith, National Director of Aid to the Church in Need (UK) commended Prince Charles for his solidarity with the persecuted Church in the Middle East,he said: “Having just returned from the Middle East and met with Iraqi Christian refugees, I know how much the help means to them. The support of The Prince of Wales for the work of Aid to the Church in Need and other organisations encourages more people to do the same.”
The help ACN is providing for Christians in persecuted countries is urgently needed.
The ACN charity has done a lot for Christians in the Middle East.Facilities like showers,washbasins and toilet were provided for 175 families displaced in Erbil in Kurdish northern Iraq, ACN is also helping to provide a nursery school for 125 toddlers.
Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in 2011, ACN has given over $11,600 million for projects for the support of the Syrian people.

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