Pope Emeritus Benedict publishes memoirs – says he destroyed gay lobby

Pope Emeritus Benedict’s book has been published in Germany.
Pope Emeritus Benedict’s memoirs have been published in Germany. The former pontiff revealed that he destroyed a gay lobby in the Vatican, and he does not view his papacy as a failure.
LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – Pope Emeritus Benedict, 89, has released his memoirs in Germany. The book is the first one written by a retired pope and provides an intimate look into the papacy of Benedict XVI.
A primary concern in the books if the perception of Benedict’s tenure as a failure. Benedict XVI ruled for eight years, then retired in 2013. The Church cited poor health as the reason for the resignation.
Others speculated that Benedict XVI was an ineffective leader, and that he was forced out by scandal. Confidential documents were leaked that revealed corruption in the Vatican. The child sex abuse scandal reemerged, and a gay lobby was rumored to be active in the Church.
But Benedict XVI handled these crises. He cracked down on pedophiles and deviants. He investigated the internal affairs of the Church and the gay lobby was destroyed.
Pope Benedict XVI established a commission of three cardinals to investigate abuses in the Vatican following the leak of confidential papers in 2012. The commission was effective in identifying corrupt officials and removing them from power. New rules were established to ensure their replacements would not continue the cycle of corruption.
Pope Emeritus Benedict also explained the many people came to God during his tenure and he does not view his papacy as a failure. “For eight years I did my service,” he told his German biographer, Peter Seewald.
Pope Emeritus Benedict retired in 2013 as his health declined. He had several stumbles and required a moving platform to celebrate Mass. His energy declined. These, plus the public scrutiny and private pressures of office led him to retire. He was replaced by Pope Francis who continued Benedict’s reforms and strengthened them further.
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI now spends his days in a monastery, praying and contemplating his life. He says he is prepared for his meeting with God. He will turn 90 in April.
Pope Francis wrote the forward to the book.

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