Pope Francis blesses “Autocapella”

Pope Francis yesterday before his general audience session blessed the new Autocapella.

Autocapella is a mobile built into a car. The Autocapella blessed by Pope Francis yesterday belongs to the Marian Mission of the Rosary of the Shrine of Pompeii.

The chapel “the Autocapella” is meant to carry an Icon of the Virgin of Pompeii to Dioceses, Parishes, and other places around the world, with the aims of carrying out evangelization and prayers based on the Marian devotion of the Rosary.

The “Marian Mission of the Rosary of the Shrine of Pompeii” has already scheduled and organized prayer/evangelism activities at thousands of parishes, hospitals, military barracks, schools, factories, and prisons throughout Italy and other countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Malta.


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