Pope Francis calls for help for the stranded Cuban migrants

Pope Francis on Sunday appealed on behalf of the Cuban migrants stranded on the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
Addressing the thousands of pilgrims gathered during his traditional Angelus blessing on Sunday, Pope Francis said, “My thoughts in this moment go out to the numerous Cuban migrants who find themselves in difficulty in Central America, many of whom are victims of human trafficking: I invite the countries of the region to renew with generosity all necessary efforts in order to find a rapid solution to this humanitarian drama.”
More than 5,000 Cubans became stranded in Costa Rica since mid-November and have been migrating through Central America when Nicaragua officials began rejecting Cubans from crossing its territory. ..
Costa Rica stopped giving Cubans travel visas last week and Cubans have been seeking to enter the United States overland.
A proposal  by the Nicaraguan government to organize an airlift to bring migrants to the United States have been received, meanwhile the Costa Rica government have been in talks with Belize and Guatemala, in an effort to convince the countries to grant a safe passage to Migrants to be able to reach Mexico.
Pope Francis called on the Central American countries to help the thousands of CUBAN migrants seeking to reach the United States .

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