Pope Francis’ Francis responds to Donald Trump’ s insults and accusation on him

The US Presidential candidate said to the Fox Business Network that Pope Francis is a politician and is being used by Mexicans. Donald Trump proposed that the US border fence be extended along the full length of the border.

Pope Francis on Thursday in his usual Press Conference on-board back from his Mexican trip answered questions based on Donald Trump’s words.

“Aristotle defined the human person as ‘animal politicus’ — (so) at least I’m a human person” in Trump’s eyes, Pope Francis said.

“As far as being ‘a pawn,’” the Pope said, “that’s up to your (the people) Judgement ”

But one thing Pope Francis said he did know was that “a person who thinks only of building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, isn’t Christian.”

Asked if a Catholic could vote for such a candidate in good conscience, the Pope told reporters: “I’m not going to get mixed up in that. I’ll just say, this man is not Christian if he says this” about building walls.

The Pope after dealing with issue related to Donald Trump also had sessions of interesting discussions with the Press talking about contraception and the Zika virus, the recently publicised letters between St John Paul II and a woman philosopher, the sex abuse scandal and the reaction of Ukrainian Catholics to the joint declaration he signed with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow last Friday in Cuba.



  1. Bessong Ernest. Reply

    Pray for the Pope.

  2. Dan Collins Reply

    The pope has no right to determine a person’s Christianity on the basis of their seeking to preserve national integrity. All countries have immigration regulation. Tony Abbott, PM of Australia, established strong boundary controls. He also happens to be a very strong Catholic. The pope is saying Abbott is not a Christian. This pope shoots off his mouth far too much. He is a third world Jesuit left-liberal Peronista. I disavow him and await a proper pope. I have been a catholic 68 years. I will not have this man speak for me.

    1. Diane Cheong Reply

      Dan, I am sorry that you feel this way, but you must take into considerations several factors… the translation of what was said and the spirit it was intended. The Holy Father never said Trump is not Christian, but that being a Christian is about building bridges not walls. In this Year of Mercy that is what we should be doing. To be merciful just as our Father in Heaven is merciful Luke 6:36. God bless

  3. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I’m no Trump supporter, but from the time I was a child, I always thought of the Catholic Church as the wall-builder. They build a wall around heaven. In order to get there, you have to be baptised, you have to follow various rituals, believe, say and do the right things. The game is rigged against you, given that much of what is simple, healthy, human nature is considered mortally sinful on the part of the Church. Through the building materials of fear and guilt, the Catholic Church has been building walls between individuals, societies, and any afterlife that may or may not exist for centuries, and then they tell us they are the only ones with the keys to the gate between the walls they built. If the walls were knocked down, no keys would be required – and all that takes is admitting that original sin is bogus.

    1. Jane Reply

      The Catholic Church opens the gates of heaven. Jesus becomes our GPS. If we follow His teachings we will have eternal happiness . We are born with a free will We have the 10 Commndments as our rules to

    2. Billy Reply

      Patrick, you could not be further from the truth. I think you have to start looking at life from the Eyes of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, and trust Them, and trust His Mystical Body the Church, which He established and then you will see Truth. There is so much Truth that people don’t see because they are married to worldly ideas and society’s false teachings. Pray to the Holy Spirit and invite Jesus into your heart. An encounter with Jesus is just what we need and He will show us the Truth. He is the Truth. God Bless you.

      1. Patrick Gannon Reply

        Odd that you mention praying to Jesus and the Holy Spirit but leave out praying to Bible God Himself – Yahweh. The “truth” is that we have no objective, empirical evidence that any of these gods exist.

  4. Abel Reply

    The Catholic church has never built walls against individuals against people or societies the church’s view on an any issue has always has always been from the Bible and not based on any individuals opinion The world does not revolve around anybody,country or race

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Abel, you don’t know Catholicism very well if you think it’s mostly based on the bible. Where in the bible does it say Mary was born without original sin, for example? Where does it mention the trinity? Where does it say using contraception is a mortal sin? In fact, where does it mention mortal vs venial sins?

  5. Kevin Reply

    Patrick Gannon. You are totally ignorant if what the Catholuc Church us and what it teaches.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Actually I was a pretty good little Catholic till I learned critical thinking. What I knew for certain, was that life had nothing to do with achieving heaven (where you no longer have free will), and everything to do with avoiding Hell.

  6. Matt Reply

    First of all, this misleading article does not include the Pope’s full quote in which he gives Mr Trump the benefit of the doubt.

    The whole issue was started by Trump who stuck his nose into a homily given by Pope Francis DURING A MASS IN THE COUNTRY OF MEXICO. The Pope was asking Mexicans for mercy and “the gift of tears” for their countrymen who were forced into migration by the terrible conditions in Mexico. This had nothing to do with Trump.

    As for the Popes answer:

    1. It was to a direct question in an interview.

    2. It was in response to Trump’s public judgmental comments of the Pope:
    “I think the Pope is a very political person. I think he doesn’t understand the problems our country has,” Trump said.

    Trump said the Pope doesn’t understand the “danger” of having an open border with Mexico and suggested that Mexico’s leaders “seduced” the Pope into the Mass in order to keep the border the way it is, “because they’re making a fortune, and we’re losing.”

    3. The Pope didn’t single out Trump, if you read the full text, you would realize he is speaking hypothetically.

    4. Trump, who has repeatedly questioned Senator Cruz’, Dr. Carson’s, and President Obama’s Christian faith, also said “no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith.

  7. Anthony Reply

    The Catholic church is the church that Jesus founded !

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Actually, no. Jesus was a Jew who wanted to revise Judaism, not start a new religion. I think most would agree that Paul was the primary founder of Christianity.

  8. Fiona Reply

    Why is there a big wall round some of the Vatican residences then where all the priests live (Rome) and guards at the gates?
    However Trump doesn’t display the fruits of the spirit…kindness, humility, love, peace, understanding. Owning a bible and going to church foes not make you a Christian. As Jesus said you can tell the heart of a man by his fruits.

  9. Susan Reply

    Love your neigbour as you love your self. If you build walls, how will you love your neigbour on the other side? If it was not for love, Jesus would not have died for us all. You may have money and all materials in this world, but if you have no love for others then you are nothing. It’s not just about attacking the Pop, it’s about what Jesus would have said if he was around. As Christians, it is our duty to correct one another, this does not mean for one to correct the other should be righteous. I totally agree with the Pop.

  10. Dennis oyunga Reply

    We should build bridges and not walls coz that is what God wants us to do with our lives. Long live Paps Francis

  11. Gabriel Reply

    Patrick Gannon please then blame God because the is the source of that teachings. What did Jesus say to Nicodemus in John 3. Tell God to erase that teaching and the Church will not preach it.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      I’m not sure what your point is, Gabriel. That’s the story of Jesus talking to a member of the clergy – his real enemies, and he’s telling the guy he needs to be born again. This is a passage fundamentalist evangelicals focus on more than Catholics. In order to respond, I need to know if you are using this passage to support Catholic or evangelical interpretations.
      There is some textual criticism of this passage and whether the language was properly translated and copied over the centuries – and we don’t know, given that no originals for any of the bible exists. From the copies we have, we know that many errors were made because every copy was made by hand. Some contrasting copies indicate that some scribes may have “massaged” the texts to get them to deliver particular theological viewpoints. We have no way to know for sure what the original words were, or who wrote them. What we’re pretty sure of, is that John was one of the last gospels written, as the theology was coming together in the 90’s CE, at least 60 years after Jesus died. 60 years. Think about that. The average lifespan was 35 in those days.
      There is also the issue that Jesus is speaking to the clergy in this passage, and he rails at or against them all the time, with threats of punishments that are not specifically assigned to others. The “gnashing of teeth” thing is almost, if not always, associated with clergy. Christians today forget that Jesus’ ministry was a rebellion against the clergy for their excesses and hypocrisy, and I suspect he’d be doing the same thing today if he were here.
      If you are an evangelical – there’s the belief that all who are not “born again” must go to one of the four Hells (which one?) for eternity, right? What kind of “good” God would send its creation to eternal torment for any reason whatsoever? Such a being can’t be hurt. He can pretend to forgive the sins that others committed against us or that we committed against others, but that’s a meaningless gesture as the only forgiveness that counts is forgiveness from the one who was victimized. God’s all powerful. He can’t be victimized. He can’t be hurt. The idea of sin hurting an all-powerful being is absurd. If He can be hurt, then He’s not all-powerful. If He exists, He has no petty need for retribution, like we humans do. He could simply do what the Jews believed and judge and destroy us if found wanting. Poof – you’re gone – just like many atheists assume, only without the judgement. No god that would send anyone, for any reason, to eternal torment – particularly unbaptized fetuses or stillborns, can by any current definition of the word, be described as “good.” Is that what you really think a good God, if such existed, would do? If so, then if we are to live by His example then we must treat each other even worse than we already do. Unfortunately, thanks to religion, I know there’s a lot of appeal for that idea.

  12. Patmos Reply


  13. Eugene Yagason Reply

    Catholicism is Christianity and Christianity means ONE in Christ Jesus. Am sure like many Popes who came and gone, Pope Francis is gathering. He’s therefore likely to meet people like Mr. Trump. Once the Pope was expressing his individual view about a social menace, he could have been wrong as he is human. It was also not a duel between Francis and Trump, was it? Building a wall and building a bridge are all important in Christianity – oneness in Christ Jesus (John 17). I love both Francis and Trump.

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