Pope Francis' Francis responds to Donald Trump' s insults and accusation on him

The US Presidential candidate said to the Fox Business Network that Pope Francis is a politician and is being used by Mexicans. Donald Trump proposed that the US border fence be extended along the full length of the border.
Pope Francis on Thursday in his usual Press Conference on-board back from his Mexican trip answered questions based on Donald Trump’s words.
“Aristotle defined the human person as ‘animal politicus’ — (so) at least I’m a human person” in Trump’s eyes, Pope Francis said.
“As far as being ‘a pawn,’” the Pope said, “that’s up to your (the people) Judgement ”
But one thing Pope Francis said he did know was that “a person who thinks only of building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, isn’t Christian.”
Asked if a Catholic could vote for such a candidate in good conscience, the Pope told reporters: “I’m not going to get mixed up in that. I’ll just say, this man is not Christian if he says this” about building walls.
The Pope after dealing with issue related to Donald Trump also had sessions of interesting discussions with the Press talking about contraception and the Zika virus, the recently publicised letters between St John Paul II and a woman philosopher, the sex abuse scandal and the reaction of Ukrainian Catholics to the joint declaration he signed with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow last Friday in Cuba.

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  1. Catholicism is Christianity and Christianity means ONE in Christ Jesus. Am sure like many Popes who came and gone, Pope Francis is gathering. He’s therefore likely to meet people like Mr. Trump. Once the Pope was expressing his individual view about a social menace, he could have been wrong as he is human. It was also not a duel between Francis and Trump, was it? Building a wall and building a bridge are all important in Christianity – oneness in Christ Jesus (John 17). I love both Francis and Trump.

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