Pope Francis gets stuck in elevator for 25 minutes

Apologizes for showing up late to the midday Angelus and leads a cheer for the fire brigade who rescued him!

Pope Francis arrived a bit late for the Angelus prayer he leads each Sunday at noon from St. Peter’s Square.“I must apologize for the delay,” he said, “but there was an incident: I was locked in the elevator for 25 minutes!”

The pilgrims in the Square below the Apostolic Palace window greeted him with particularly loud applause when he arrived.

The pope explained what had happened:

There was a drop in voltage and the elevator stopped. Thank God the Fire Brigade came – thank you so much! – and after 25 minutes of work they managed to get it to go. Let’s hear it for the Fire Brigade!

The Holy Father went on to reflect on humility, drawing from this Sunday’s parable about choosing places of honor in a banquet.

“Jesus goes completely against the tide, manifesting as always the logic of God the Father,” he said. The pope assured that the “selfless generosity” that Jesus teaches is “to open the way for a much greater joy: that of being partakers of God’s own love.”

Francis also announced the creation of 13 new cardinals, 10 of whom will be able to vote in a conclave.

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