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Pope Francis' Global Request for the Holy Year of Mercy

The Holy Father, Pope Francis pleaded with Catholic Bishops in the whole World to set up a permanent Memorial that will forever remark this Holy Year of Mercy, by establishing hospital, home for the aged or school in an under-served area.; He asked this of them during the Divine Mercy Sunday Vigil on Saturday 2nd April.
“As a reminder, a ‘monument’ let’s say, to this Year of Mercy, how beautiful it would be if in every diocese there were a structural work of mercy: a hospital, a home for the aged or abandoned children, a school where there isn’t one, a home for recovering drug addicts – so many things could be done,” the Holy Father said.
The Holy Father said that the idea came to his mind during a meeting with a Charity foundation, so he decided to share the idea with the participants of the European gathering of the World Apostolic Congress of Mercy and followers of the Divine Mercy devotion.
“Let’s think about it and speak with the bishops,” the Holy father said to the thousands of people who gathered at St. Peter’s Square to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet of St Faustina Kowalska, and also to remember St John Paul II, who promoted the devotion and died on April 2, 2005.
The Holy Father emphasized that we as Christians have received God’s mercy as a gift and should be able to show God’s mercy by reaching out to others in love.
“The more we receive God’s mercy, the more we are called to share it with others; it cannot be kept hidden or kept only for ourselves.” the Holy Father said.
God’s mercy should drive people to love others, “recognising the face of Jesus Christ above all in those who are most distant, weak, alone, confused and marginalised,” he said.
“If we want truly want to believe and have faith,” he said, “we must draw near and touch those wounds, caress those wounds, but also lower our heads and let others touch our wounds.” the Holy Father said.

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