Pope Francis: Satan seduces by disguising evil as good

.- On Monday’s feast of the archangels Pope Francis spoke of the ongoing battle between the devil and mankind, encouraging attendees to pray to the angels, who have been charged to defend us.

“He presents things as if they were good, but his intention is destruction. And the angels defend us,” the Roman Pontiff told those gathered for his Sept. 29 Mass in the Vatican’s Saint Martha residence chapel.

The Bishop of Rome began by pointing to the day’s readings taken from Daniel 7 in which the prophet has a vision of God the Father on a throne of fire giving Christ dominion over the world, and Revelation 12, which recounts the battle in which Satan, as a large dragon, is cast out of heaven by St. Michael.

Noting how these are strong images portraying “the great dragon, the ancient serpent” who “seduces all of inhabited earth,” the Pope also drew attention to Christ’s words to Nathanael in the day’s Gospel from John when he tells him “You will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.”

All of these readings, he said, speak of “the struggle between God and the devil” which “takes place after Satan tries to destroy the woman who is about to give birth to a son.”

“Satan always tries to destroy man: the man that Daniel saw there, in glory, and whom Jesus told Nathaniel would come in glory,” the Roman Pontiff observed, explaining that “from the beginning the Bible speaks to us of this: Satan’s (use of) seduction to destroy.”

Envy could be the devil’s motive, he said, pointing to how Psalm 8 tells us ‘You have made man superior to the angels.’ And that angel of great intelligence could not bear this humiliation; that a lower creature was made superior to him; and he tries to destroy it.”

Pope Francis then noted how “So many projects, except for one’s own sins, but many, many projects for mankind’s dehumanization, are his work, simply because he hates mankind.”

He continued by explaining that although the Bible tells us that the devil is astute and cunning in his attacks, we have the angels to defend us.

“They defend mankind and defend the God-man, the superior man, Jesus Christ who is the perfection of humanity, the most perfect.”

“This is why the Church honors the angels, because they are the ones who will be in the glory of God – they are in the glory of God – because they defend the great hidden mystery of God – namely, that the Word was made flesh.”

It is therefore the responsibility of the People of God “to safeguard man, the man Jesus,” the Pope went on, because “he is the man who gives life to all men.”

However this is not easy because Satan has invented “humanistic explanations that go against man, against humanity and against God” in order to destroy us.

“This struggle is a daily reality in Christian life, in our hearts, in our lives, in our families, in our people, in our churches,” the Pope went on, adding that “if we do not struggle, we will be defeated.”

“But the Lord gave this task primarily to the angels: to do battle and win,” he said, drawing attention to the final song of Revelation which reads “now have salvation and power come, and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Anointed. For the accuser of our brothers is cast out, who accuses them before our God day and night.”

Pope Francis concluded his homily by encouraging those present to pray to the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and to recite the prayer to Saint Michael often.

We should do this “so he may continue to do battle and defend the greatest mystery of mankind: that the Word was made Man, died and rose again. This is our treasure. That he may battle on to safeguard it.”


  1. Jemina Reply

    We love ur lord the angles tht fight ur bettles as we sleep thank u.

  2. Katy Tracey Reply

    This is very useful, please Saint Michael protect us all.

  3. Rochelle Reply

    Saint Michael protect the family and the whole world. Saint Raphael heal all families of the world past, present and future. Amen!

  4. Ron Reply

    Read 1 Timothy 2:5,6. Pray only to jesus

  5. Sophia blanco Reply

    O my God !!! We have to much ignorance and stupidity ! Why to war the catholic religion ! Devils ! Be worry about peace and so many other things that are more important in life !

    1. Ron Reply

      Nothing in life is more important than Jesus

    2. bloodline Reply

      To all the little children my father gave you all the ritches in the exiatance and left the knowledge of life its simple unconditional love pope is my family my blood if he truly wanted us he wold have us man dont want to be saved man just want and wants there for no forgiveness little children you now know wtf you do!and yes ur all hallow to me there for I’m knowing wtf I’ve told you innocence is my earth my seeds my love to grow is always and forever man game over!

  6. Barbara Paul Reply

    And He will come again in Glory to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the Resurrection of the Body,and life everlasting, Amen.

  7. bloodline Reply

    What why how is mine gov paper and ??????? Plus fear is all man is

  8. Ladybug Reply

    Jesus never taught, or anywhere in the Bible teaches us to pray to angels. We are to pray to our heavenly Father in Jesus’ name. We can ask, when we pray, that God send forth the ministering, guardian and warring angels and all of the heavenly host to fight back the forces of evil. The Bible further states that we (humanity) have been made a little lower than the angels(Psalms 8:5-9). I have never found anywhere that we are to pray to angels. The angels are dispatched to minister to the heirs of salvation(Hebrews 1:14); to watch over, (guard) and protect us(Psalm 91:11); to war against the forces of evil, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness in the heavenlies(Daniel 10:13;Revelation 12:7) Satan and those angels occupy the 2nd heaven below the 3rd heaven where God dwells. That’s why Daniel’s prayer was held up until Gabriel, the messenger angel came and Michael, the warring angel fighting with “Prince of Persia” and his angels. Also, an angel came to Samson’s mother to deliver a message and instructions from God concerning Samson. This was after her husband Manoah had prayed to God.(Judges 13:3). Gabriel brought a message to Mary, mother of Jesus(Luke 1:26-38) and to the priest Zechariah serving in the Temple concerning a child (John the Baptist) to be born to him and his wife, Elizabeth(Luke 1:5-25). Also, in the Old Testament, God sent angels to Abraham & Sarah concerning the birth of Isaac(Genesis 17:17). But, no one prayed directly to angels. They prayed to God and God sent His angels. Paul cautioned us in the New Testament concerning this as well (Colossians 2:18).

    1. Denver Reply

      This is the Truth. You don’t have to pray directly to the angels to protect you. That was there duty to protect us from evil by the authority of God the Father. The angel himself forbids us to kneel of them, we only do that by worshiping God and God alone.

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