Pope Francis says Jesus is truly the extreme commitment that God has made toward us

On Saturday Pope Francis held his second Saturday general audience which will be held once a month throughout the Jubilee year of Mercy, speaking to a crowd of thousands present, he said, “All of us are sinners, all of us, Before God, we all have some fault. Yet we should not lose heart: He is close to us to give us comfort, mercy, forgiveness.”
Commitment was at the center of the Pope’s catechesis on Saturday. Admonishing the audience, he said, “When I make a commitment, it means that I assume a responsibility. And it also implies “an attitude of fidelity and dedication, of particular attention” to carrying out a certain task.
God is committed to humanity, he continued. His commitment is seen in “creating the world and, despite our attempts to ruin it — and there have been many — his commitment to keeping it alive.”
He urged the pilgrims to open their hearts to forgiveness adding that Christians must make a commitment to ensure others encounter the overwhelming Mercy and forgiveness associated with being at peace with God.

Raphael Benedict

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  1. Jesus is God, he who gave the curse, (penalty for sin is death), took the curse. Once For All of us. God is not extreme. He is God , we are extremely lost. His judgements are for ever and ever. The lost think He is extreme.

    1. Just like to know how the pope believes a person can make a commitment when he/she does not believe in the Lord
      God of Israel whom Christ made known to us? It is my humble opinion, one cannot love their neighbor as themselves if the love of the Lord God is not within the human heart. as that is the first commandment.

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