Pope Francis Sends words of encouragement to a Nation know for high-ranking Catholicism

Slovakia is known for its high number of Catholicism. Catholicism is a deep part of Slovakia’s culture. Slovakia is a nation of 5.4 million people having 74% as Catholics.
The Catholic Bishops of Slovakia in a visit to the Vatican called ad limina met with Pope Francis, and he gave them message of encouragement and rekindlement to carry home to all Slovakian, urging them all to maintain their cultural identity and heritage of ethical and spiritual values, a heritage that is found to be similar to the Catholic tradition.
“I very much appreciate how much you are doing on behalf of the family” Thanking them especially for positively responding to the plea and requests of their Bishops to support the true marriage system, which is the marriage between a man and a woman and not promoting homosexuality.
Pope Francis told the Bishops that young people “need to have from you clear instructions about doctrine and morals, to build, in the city of man, the city of God.”
“In our day, it is even more necessary to illuminate the path of people with Christian principles, seizing the opportunity the current situation offers to develop a new evangelization, which, with a new language, makes it easier to understand Christ’s message,” Pope Francis added.
Pope Francis also urged Slovakia to accommodate migrants seeking refuge and shelter “in a spirit of charity and respect for the human person, in the context of a necessary observance of legality.”

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