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Pope Francis shares gifts to mark his 3rd Anniversary as Pope

The Holy Father Pope Francis is three years in the Pontiff’s office as Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He became Pope on 13th March 2013 and is the 226th Pope in the Roman Catholic Church.
Pope Francis making his three years as the Pope yesterday distributed a pocket-portable booklet of gospel according to Saint Luke’s gospel.  Over 40, 000 copies of the booklets were handed out yesterday in St. Peter’s Square for the Holy Father’s sunday blessing.
The Booklet, inspired by the words of our Lord as recorded in Chapter 6, verse 36 of Luke’s Gospel, “Be ye merciful as your Father [in Heaven is merciful],” the little volume is titled, St. Luke’s Gospel of Mercy, reporting the theme of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy underway in the Church throughout the world.
The booklets were distributed by the Nuns who work in the Vatican’s free pediatric clinic and Rome grandparents who were present yesterday at the St. Peter’s Square.
Pope Francis reflecting on the gospel reading of yesterday, told the crowd the Biblical story of the adulterous woman whom Jesus refused to condemn. Francis said: “This woman represents all of us, adulterers before God, traitors of his trust. And her experience represents the will of God for all of us: Not our condemnation, but our salvation through Jesus.”

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