Pope Francis to star in a Film

Pope Francis is said to appear in a movie inspired by Gospel which will be produced by AMBI Pictures, the company announced this on Monday and confirmed that the Holy have agreed to be starred in the Film as himself.
The Family adventure is entitled “Beyond the Sun”
The film will reportedly be based on the Gospels in accordance with the Pope’s suggestion to filmmakers that they find an imaginative way to tell the story of Jesus to children.
“Our excitement and gratitude toward His Holiness, Pope Francis [for] participating in this film is beyond words. This is not just a movie for us, it’s a message, and who better to have on your side to deliver an important societal and spiritual message than the Pope.” Said Andrea Iervolino, co-founder of AMBI
According to Vatican’s record, if Pope Francis should appear in “Beyond the Sun” He will be the second Pontiff to act a film. Pope Pius XII in 1958 appeared as himself in a film “Embezzled Heaven”. A movie about a cook who carries out merciful acts in the hope of reaching heaven.

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