Pope Francis to visit the Mosque in Central Africa for peace Mission against insurgency in Africa

Pope Francis will be visiting Africa November 2015. It is so far certain now that the Pope will be visiting Uganda and Kenya first. The Pope will as well visit Central Africa between  29th – 30th of November after visiting Kenya and Uganda. Central Africa, a nation ravaged by a civil-war that have lasted in lots of killings and massacre, displacing lots of people from their homes and separating families. This war was plunged by a Muslim-led rebellions, and ethnic fighters.
Pope Francis among his itinerary of activities in Central Africa have included a meeting with Muslims in the city’s central Koudoukou mosque. This as many believe will go a very long way to resolve the issues of insurgency in not only Central Africa but the whole of Africa.
Even Muslim religious leaders are looking forward to the pope’s visit.  Imam Omar Kobine Layama said the following in an interview with Catholic News Service; “This will be a key event for all Central Africans, whatever their religious affiliations. We’re hoping the Holy Father will bring a clear message about the unity of believers, interfaith dialogue, human rights and peace, which could really liberate us and help rebuild social links the various armed groups have destroyed.”
“The Holy Father has already done a great deal to help all Central Africans, whether they’re Catholics, Muslims, Protestants or animists,”
“This will be, first and foremost, an occasion for prayer. But it will also allow us to present our Muslim community to the world, highlighting its anxieties and fears.”

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