Pope Francis' visit to Central Africa have called Peace back to play again in Bangui, as Muslim youths lay down arms

Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga of Central Africa who together with the Islamic heads of Bangui rallied for peace as regards the Central African republic’s war, coordinated the safe trip of Pope Francis to their country and met several figures of Bangui to restore peace, has challenged all prelates and the entire world  to imitate the kind-heartedness and peace-impacting nature of Pope Francis.
Central African Republic has been torn by a conflict that has pitted Islamist Séléka militias against the Anti-balaka militias composed largely of Christians and animists, lasting for three years now. The nation’s hierarchy has stated that the Anti-balaka militias are not Christian organizations and has denounced violence on all sides.
Archbishop Nzapalainga speaking with the Catholic Information Service for Africa reported the greatest testimony of an approach to peace, a kind Central African Republic have never heard in a very long time, when he said:
“Significantly, the Muslim youth of the PK5 district have laid down their weapons to speak with their Christian brothers,”
The Central African Republic as a whole extends gratitude to Pope Francis for his support and “Pilgrim of Peace” that have had it effect on their country to restore Peace gradually.

Raphael Benedict

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